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Orbital Decay Instructions

Mouse fires the gun and navigates the upgrade menu.

Orbital Decay Walkthrough

Stranded in space, the Radiant Star is a ship controlled by AI, possessing a powerful weapon called the Ultragun, and can function without humans on board. Their mission is to retrieve the World Destroyer, the ultimate weapon, but things don't go as planned.

Orbital Decay has you in control of an autonomous mothership, which can be upgraded with turrets, an AI defense force, and is armed with a massive gun the size of a skyscraper. Your enemies are an unknown race with mountains of firepower of their own, and your mothership must succeed in its mission to acquire the World Destroyer.

At any time, you can upgrade the ship or purchase/replace weaponry, so lets run them down.

The first is the bay for aircraft. These fighters are AI-controlled and will automatically seek out and destroy enemy ships with weak but accurate and rapid firepower. With upgrades, you can increase their maximum number, production speed, and firepower. You can also build turrets on multiple slots, lasers, flak, and rockets. Lasers have high speed, but low power and are inaccurate at range, flak is basically a shotgun that will obliterate at close range, and rockets will home in on targets and do major damage. You can also upgrade your repair dones, increasing their speed and number. Repair drones automatically repair the ship to the best of their ability which is often more than enough.

The main cannon on the ship can also be upgraded, but unlike the other cannons, the Ultragun doesn't fire automatically, and must be aimed and fired manually (press Z for autofire), use this to take down the most dangerous targets.

Enemies in Orbital Decay come in waves at a time, and while within range, your fighters and cannons will assault them. Because of your Ultragun's speed, it can be difficult to fire at them, so it is wiser to predict their movements and aim ahead of where they are.