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Paladog Instructions

Paladog is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Use the left and right arrow keys (or the A and D keys) to move left and right. The Q and E keys scroll the screen. Use the number keys to summon units. The J, K, and L keys are used to perform magical attacks with Paladog's mace. You may alternatively use the mouse to control the game by clicking on the proper icons.

Paladog Walkthrough

In the distant future, mankind's ignorance and greed were destroying the Earth, so the gods decided to wipe out humanity. To replace the void of sapient life, the gods also granted intelligence to animals. The animals built their own civilization and lived in peace for a millennium. Disgusted by the cutesy-wutesy lives of the animals, demons attacks the Earth in order to bring chaos back. Just when things were beginning to look hopeless, Paladog arrives to save the day!

Paladog is a war game where you play as the titular character and must defend the animal kingdom from the wicked demons. Your objective is to destroy the demon bases on each of the twenty-four levels of this war game. Fortunately, you are not alone as you can summon critters to help you in the fight. With enough food, you will be able to train units to overwhelm the zombies. It is also fortunate that your progress is saved after every battle, so you won't have to start from the beginning of the game each time that you play.

You can upgrade your forces or Paladog's equipment after each battle. Since your armies will be doing the majority of the fighting, it is best to unlock new troop types or upgrade your current troops before purchasing new equipment for Paladog. If you do buy items for Paladog, it is best to prchase items that will increase the effect of friendly units within his aura. Aside from shopping for items, you will also level up in battle, similar to an role-playing game. Each time you level up, you will be able to choose one of three upgrades. Choose the option that best suits your style of play. Keep in mind that it is always good to be able to train more units and train them faster in this war game.

In battle, it is best to let your army do most of the work. Keep in mind that Paladog cannot attack without mana, so trying to take on an enemy base alone will be difficult, especially without mana upgrades. Instead, train some troops and follow them into battle, using Paladog to enhance your troops' combat abilities (by keeping them in his aura) and to provide fire support with spells. Healing spells and health items are also useful when using Paladog as a supporting hero unit.

Don't let the cute graphics fool you; Paladog is a war game that is as challenging as it is charming. Humankind may be doomed, but you can save the animals in this strategy game. Magic spells and armed rats work much better than signs (just don't tell PETA)!