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Palisade Guardian Instructions

Aim your weapon with the mouse. Fire your weapon with the left mouse button. Switch weapons (when possible) using the up arrow key or the down arrow key. Reload using 'r'. Zoom in or out using 'space'.

Palisade Guardian Walkthrough

Palisade Guardian is one of the most engrossing war games online simply because of the high level of difficulty it offers. The basic premise behind the game isn't really all that different from most of the other war games online. You have your battlefield with your wall on the right side of the game screen and enemies attacking from the right side of the screen. You need to defend your wall against attacking because if your wall is destroyed, you lose the game. Between levels you are able to purchase new weapons and repair your wall using the money you earned during the level. Buying new weapons is absolutely vital to doing well in this game, but so is quick and accurate shooting. Accuracy is rewarded with money which you can then use to buy better weapons. Although there are no upgrades, the new weapons will be more than enough to keep you striving to earn more money. As the enemies get tougher and begin attacking with machine guns, jeeps and eventually tanks, you'll need those advanced weapons if you want to win.

Palisade Guardian is a World War II war game and it sticks pretty close to historically accurate weapons throughout the game. There are six weapons you can use, all of which would have been common to find in battle in World War II. That's really part of what makes the game so appealing. While many of the other war games online try to be more interesting by throwing dozens of different weapons at you and scores of complicated upgrades, this one focuses on making a difficult and engrossing game without all the bells and whistles. You start off with an M1A1 Thompson fully-automatic submachine gun but can purchase an M1 Carbine semi-automatic rifle, an M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle, a Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) fully-automatic rifle, an M1919 Browning fully-automatic mounted machine gun and an M9 Bazooka as you progress in the game and earn more money.

All of the weapons in Palisade Guardian have their own strengths and weaknesses so it's important to read the description of the weapon before you purchase it. While owning all of the weapons is a great idea, focus first on buying weapons that make up for your own weaknesses as a shooter. When you click on one of the weapons you can purchase you'll see the basic information about that weapon. Look at how much damage it can inflict on different types of enemy units first and then look at its reload time. If the weapon inflicts heavy damage but takes a long time to reload, it might be a better to look at a different weapon. You also need to consider how many rounds the clip will hold. If there is a long reload time, but a higher number of rounds per clip, it might be worthwhile. Choosing the right weapon to purchase in the beginning of the game will impact how well you perform so be sure you choose carefully.

It's also important to remember the money you don't use between levels in Palisade Guardian will be carried over to the purchase opportunity between levels the next time. For example, if you have $100 left after purchasing weapons between levels one and two, you'll have that $100 between levels two and three in addition to whatever you earn during the level. Try to conserve as much money as you can. It will allow you to repair any damage to your base you take during the level. Having that money to repair your base is just as important as purchasing new weapons; especially if you're having a hard time taking out enemies quickly. Increase the amount of money you earn during the level by trying to shoot accurately and by trying for headshots. Headshots give you $20 each so if you get a few of those, you can greatly increase the amount of money you get. You also get a bonus for how accurate you are, so be careful while you shoot. Missing your target will have a negative impact on your accuracy and will therefore cost you money.

While many more experienced war game players are going to find the first few levels of Palisade Guardian a bit on the easy side, it gets much more difficult as you progress. Soldiers are able to take more damage before they're killed. In addition, new types of enemy units will begin attacking you. Along with the basic soldier units, you'll also face machine gunners who will attack with mounted machine guns. You'll need to destroy the weapon instead of just shooting the soldier. Your basic weapon will be able to get the job done but it will take much longer than it would with one of the more advanced weapons. The same can be said for jeeps, howitzers and tanks. A heavy damage weapon like the bazooka is ideal for these enemy units, but one of the less advanced weapons will work as well. It will take longer to destroy the unit, but it will work. Newcomers to war games are going to have a hard time with Palisade Guardian right from the start, but stick with it. The longer you play, the better you'll get. Experience is key in this game. You'll learn to shoot more quickly but also more accurately. It can be frustrating, especially in the beginning, but time will bring improvement.

The best way to do well in Palisade Guardian is to focus on spending your money wisely. Look at the weapon options you have and choose carefully. If you have to choose between two weapons, consider everything about the gun - not just how much damage it inflicts on the enemy. It's also important to remember that you need to save money for repairing your wall. Remember, your prime objective above all else is to protect that wall. If you fail to do so, you'll lose the game. There are thirty-five levels standing between you and victory. In order to keep your wall intact you'll need those advanced weapons but you'll also need to be able to afford to do repairs. Go for those accuracy bonuses and headshots. It might mean sacrificing a little speed, but the bonuses you'll get will be worth it and will often cover any repairs you need easily. Just be sure you don't waste too much time going for accuracy. If there is a large group left firing on your wall, take them out as quickly as possible. Try for accuracy at the beginning of a level as the first few soldier are attacking and the end of the level when only a few soldiers remain. It's also a good idea to take out any machine gunners, jeeps, howitzers or tanks first. They're harder to destroy but they also inflict far more damage on your wall.

Overall, Palisade Guardian is a wonderfully addictive and exciting war game that will hold your interest from the very beginning of the game to the very end. It isn't easy to keep a game this long entertaining, but with great graphics and truly challenging levels, this game avoids feeling boring or old. It is a difficult war game to beat, but that's really what makes the game so entertaining. If you're looking for a good World War II war game that will put your shooting skills to the test, this is the game for you.