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Paper War Instructions

Point and click with your mouse to build and upgrade towers along the runners' line of movement; but, instead of relying completely on your towers, you'll also be able to attack runners with writing them off with your pencil (cursor). Use the 1-5 number keys as a hot key menu for types of towers and the Q, W, E, and R keys as a hot key menu for ink types. When a tower is selected, hit the U key to promptly upgrade it.

Paper War Walkthrough

Combining unique gameplay elements with tower defense features, Paper War is one war game you'll want to beat. The game starts out relatively like any other tower defense game - you're up against a bunch of enemy runners, you'll be able to build towers, but most of the time the runners are too powerful - so you'll have to step in. You won't just be a builder, you'll be as active as your towers while playing Paper War, and, as the game goes on, you'll be able to buy new inks for your pencil - your main attacking device - that will make it even stronger.

To inflict damage on enemy runners with your pencil, it has to be moving - you won't just be able to let it sit on a certain part of the map and wreak havoc all by itself. And, as you upgrade your towers, their range will increase as well as their damage - so don't think that they're totally worthless. If you've ever played a tower defense game before, then you won't even have to use your pencil while playing Paper War - but it does make the game that much easier (unless you're playing on some of the harder difficulties).

With a ton of unique enemy waves, a speed-up option if you don't like waiting, and the ability to call on simultaneous waves, Paper War is a fantastic war game with endless amounts of replay value. There are twenty maps to play through, too, so if you haven't beaten them all, there's no reason to stop playing.