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Paper Warfare Instructions

Control movement of your character using the mouse. Fire your weapon using the left mouse button. Switch weapons with number keys 1-8 (some weapons are not available at the start of the game). Scroll through available weapons by pressing 'b' or 'space'.

Paper Warfare Walkthrough

Paper Warfare is an entertaining shoot 'em up war game that is challenging enough to keep experienced war game players interested, but no so difficult newcomers to this genre won't want to continue playing. The premise of the game is simple, the rules are easy to understand and the graphics are fun. It really offers something for everyone; regardless of what kind of game you are looking for. The controls are basic and easy to use so it only takes a short time to get used to how the game is played. Once you get the controls down, you can start to focus on the action on the screen.

In Paper Warfare you are charged with defending the earth from the evil invading aliens that are trying to attack the earth to 'absorb' its power source. It seems that exploring the galaxy and learn its secrets has allowed the human race to make first contact with an alien nation. Things go smoothly in the beginning. The alien race we encounter, the Kainis, are a peaceful, harmonious race who are content to let aliens and humans co-exist freely and share the galaxy. That changes, however, when the Kainisian Civil War erupts following between the peaceful Kainis and the evil Leftist Kainis. The Leftists seek power and total control over the Kainisian nation and win just that in the war. In the battle, however, much of the nation is destroyed and the newly conquered planet is crippled and in need of a new power source. The new Leftist government needs a new power source if they hope to save their planet. They look to the earth and decide the only option is to create a 'power sucker' device to take Earth's energy. Humans develop 'exo-suits' which can be used to defend the planet against the invading aliens. You are given one of these suits and sent to war. Your goal is to take out as many aliens as you can, destroy their ships and take out the mothership. It won't be easy, but Earth is counting on you.

Paper Warfare gives you the opportunity to choose three different suits to use; Sangga, Depensa and Kalasag. Each suit has its own strengths and weaknesses. The Sangga is easist suit to control and it is the fastest suit, but it is also the weakest in terms of defense. Depensa is the middle ground. It is fast, easy to control and fairly durable. The Kalasag is the slowest suit and the hardest to control, but it is also the most durable of all three of the suits. It stands up well to heavy attack but it isn't easy to maneuver around your enemies. You need to choose your suit carefully because once you decide and start your mission, you will not be able to change your mind unless you start your game over completely. For beginners, Depensa is the best option. More experienced players of this sort of horizontal shoot 'em up war game might want to choose either of the other suits depending on what kind of challenge they are looking for.

The action in Paper Warfare is fast paced and intense. It's a horizontal shoot 'em up war game which means you are flying from left to right beginning at the left side of the game screen while your enemies are flying from right to left, starting at the right side of the screen. They hit fast and hard; enemy jets shooting at you continuously. You need to avoid the jets and their shots. This is fairly difficult to do simply because of the sheer volume of enemies coming at you. The good news is that there are several power ups available to you to help make your quest a bit easier. Power ups fall from the top of the screen on black squares that sort of resemble keys on your keyboard. You don't have to hit the keys to collect the power ups though. You simply need to fly over them. The blue plus sign power up is the health power up. It will replenish a portion of your health. The green 'l' power up is the life power up. It will give you an extra life. The orange 'a' power up is the ammo power up. It will give you more ammo for your weapon. Once you reach level 5 you will unlock the blue 's' power up with is the shield power up. This power up will gives you the energy to power your shield. At level 8 you will unlock the red 'e' power up which is the 'emp' power up. All of these power ups are extremely beneficial and you should try to collect them as often as possible. Sometimes this will mean you need to take a little damage, but for a good power up like the health, life, or shield power ups, taking a little damage is worth it.

Paper Warfare equips you with two weapons to begin with and more that you will unlock as you progress in the game. The starting weapons, the LG 67 and the PAZ 5, are great weapons and can serve your mission fairly well. Your default weapon will be the LG 67. It is a prototype laser that deliver quite a destructive blast. The PAZ 5 is the better weapon though as it is capable of delivering three bullets per second for greater damage on your enemies. Use this weapon when you are being overwhelmed by enemies. To select the PAZ 5, hit the '2' number key. To switch back to the LG 67, hit the '1' number key. As you progress in the game, you will unlock new, more powerful weapons. Each time you unlock a new weapon, you will be given a short description of what that weapon does and which number key you will need to press to unlock it. Take a few minutes to try it out when you return to the game to see how it works and try to figure out what circumstances it would be best used it. For example, when you complete the first level you will unlock the Deshk 48 which shoots bullets that spread apart as they travel. This weapon is accessed by pressing the '3' number key. When you test it out, you'll see it's really best for long range attacks with your LG 67 or PAZ 5 working better for short range combat.

Overall, Paper Warfare is one of the best horizontal shoot 'em up war games online. You'll have a blast playing through the levels even if you don't make it to the end of the game. The action is fast paced and intense, the graphics are entertaining and the story is interesting. The real fun of the game is the challenge and the ability to unlock new weapons as you play. The ability to unlock new weapons adds a whole new level of fun to the game. It's actually a lot of fun to unlock a new weapon and then have the chance to use it in combat. For experienced players the game will likely start off a bit too easy, but it gets much more difficult as the game progresses. Newcomers will likely find the game challenging from the very beginning, but that's what makes it so much fun. If you're finding the game too hard or too easy, try a new exo-suit the next time you play. Just be careful to read through the beginning instructions as you prepare to play. The option to choose your exo-suit is in those instructions and you're not given the chance to choose again.