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Penguin War Instructions

Select and deploy penguins using the mouse and the left mouse button. Select, place and upgrade polar bears using the mouse and the left mouse button or by clicking with the left mouse button and pressing 'u'.

Penguin War Walkthrough

Penguin War is without a doubt the cutest tower defense war game online. Your army is comprised of adorable penguins and polar bears. Your enemy army is comprised of different adorable penguins and polar bears. This might possibly be the only war game you'll ever play that makes you saw, "Awww." The premise is simple. You need to protect your igloo from the attacking penguins and polar bears that want to take it over. The rules are just as simple. You can only place towers (polar bears, Inuit characters or catapaults) on the marked areas on the ice. You can only deploy six troops (the penguins) at a time. You will have to wait until all of the penguins have been deployed to send out more. There are three difficulty levels to choose from - novice, advanced and sandbox - which each offer something a little different. In addition, there are three different maps to choose from; each one a little more difficult than the last. This game truly offers something for everyone, from the newcomers to online war games to more experienced players. This isn't an easy game by any stretch of the imagination, but it's definitely a fun one.

Penguin War has a pretty basic premise, simple rules, adorable graphics and challenging levels. Considering all of those factors together, it's no wonder this game is so addictive. Basically, this game is a cuter version of many of the other war games online. You have your base (your igloo) your units (your penguins) and your towers (your polar bears and various other items). You need to build your army using both of these tools just like you would in any other war game. To deploy your penguin units, you simply click on your igloo base. A menu will appear at the bottom of the screen showing the penguin models you have available. Click on the penguin you want to deploy up to six times. You can only deploy six penguins at one time. If you choose to deploy six, you'll need to wait until at least one of those penguins has been deployed to send another one out. To place a polar bear, click on one of the light blue circles on the ice. You'll see a menu at the bottom of the screen showing you which tower models you have available. Click on the model you want to build and you're done. It's a good idea to place towers anywhere enemy penguins have to pass to get to your igloo. That will ease the burden on your penguins during battle.

As you progress in Penguin War, you will get notifications every so often telling you there is a new model available for one, or both, of these categories. What that means is that there will be a new unit you can deploy or a new tower you can build. The new model unit will always be a penguin of some sort. The new model tower will almost always be a polar bear, but you'll also get Inuit characters, catapults, igloos and towers. The igloos and towers enhance the performance of the surrounding towers while the catapaults are great for taking out penguins attacking from the air. In any event, once you have these towers in place, you are able to further upgrade them by clicking on the model that has been placed on the map and clicking the upgrade button that appears in the bottom menu. You will also be able to sell the model from that menu. In Novice Mode, you will not have to pay to get access to the new models but in Advanced Mode you will. To gain access to a new model unit in Advanced Mode, simply click on your igloo as if you were going to deploy penguins and click upgrade. When you hover your mouse over the upgrade button, you will see how much the upgrade will cost. Sometimes the price tag is rather high, but it's always worth it. In Novice Mode you will not have to pay to gain access to new models, but you will have to pay for them as you use them. In addition, if you want to upgrade any tower models beyond the basic tower, you will need to pay for those upgrades.

Sandbox Mode is completely different from Novice Mode or Advanced Mode in Penguin War. You begin the game with all of the models available to you and unlimited money. Your enemy has been afforded the same luxury. This makes game play fast and intense. It's full on war. It's complete chaos. It's perhaps the most fun I've ever had playing a war game online. It's extremely difficult to win in Sandbox Mode simply because there are penguins, polar bears, catapults, towers and Inuit characters everywhere. It's hard to get past the defensive line your enemy will set up but you can also set up a defensive line just as quickly. It's complete madness. Once you've beaten all three maps in Advanced Mode try out Sandbox Mode. It's almost too much fun.

Overall, Penguin War is an awesome game that offers something for everyone. If you are a newcomer to tower defense war games, I would recommend starting in Novice Mode until you get a basic feel for how the game is played. Once you get the hang of it and understand what is being asked of you try Advanced Mode or move on to the next map. The best way to get ahead in this game is to take advantage of the new models offered to you, upgrade as often as you can and watch your money. You don't want to leave yourself broke and without defense. That's a sure fire way to put a quick end to the game. This game, as cute as it is, will put your strategizing skills to the test and have you playing game after game.