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Peon Instructions

Use the arrow keys to move your Orc; double tapping the left or right arrow key will allow him to run. Hit the Z key for a basic attack, the X key for a special attack, and the C key to jump. Combine movement keys with attacks to ram enemies and perform jumping attacks. The P key will let you pause the game, while pressing the M key will bring up the in game menu.

Peon Walkthrough

Peon is a hack n' slash game set in medieval times - in it, you'll control a lowly peon death-warrior - in other words, an orc. You'll be able to perform basic attacks, jumping attacks, and running and jumping attacks - all of which can be used to take out enemy spell casters and knights. Once you've completed a round, you'll be able to purchase stat upgrades and new items - keeping an effective balance between both will make your orc that much more powerful in this war game.

The first level you'll play through is a simple tutorial explaining each attack and move you can use. Eventually, you'll start taking enemies - the first ones you'll come across are knights. They can attack quickly, so it's best to use jump attacks and running jump attacks - they'll knockback enemies and are much more effective than just standing in one spot and hacking away.

The graphics in Peon are pseudo-3D - in other words, they're not that good. Even things like splattering blood seemed tacked on, and the way enemies attack can get annoying - since some of them can attack faster than your orc can. But, besides all that, the upgrade features and shop in this war game are a great addition to the game; they make collecting gold and gaining experience worthwhile.

Overall, some aspects of Peon aren't easy on the eyes, but the power ups you can purchase make the gameplay worthwhile. If you're a fun of hack n' slash war games, then you should like Peon - after all, you get to control an orc - there's not much else you could ask for.