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Phage Wars 2 Instructions

Select cells you've taken over with the left mouse button. Attack other cells by clicking on one of your cells. Hold down the left mouse button and move your mouse to a cell you want to attack. Release the left mouse button to attack. To select multiple cells click on the first cell you'd like to select, hold down the left mouse button and drag your mouse over up to eight different cells. Release the left mouse button to attack.

Phage Wars 2 Walkthrough

Phage Wars 2 is one of the most unique, most addictive strategy war games online. It is a fast paced, intense game with simple controls and a rather simple premise, but those are the two factors that make the game the most unique. You aren't attacking enemy soldiers. You aren't trying to defend your tower or your base from attack. Instead, your goal in this game is to make the strongest virus in the world. Why do you want to do that? Well, I'm not really sure. It seems like a dangerous thing to do, but hey, that's the goal of the game, and it's fun. There's something intriguing about playing a game in a genre you're used to playing that dares to do something completely original. You aren't just playing another strategy war game built on the same premise you've played countless times before which makes this game feel fresh and new. That said, this game is going to take a little while to get used to. There are a lot of factors that go into playing this game well and getting used to all of these things can be a little difficult. The game never feels unbeatable though. It doesn't get so hard you want to give up. Regardless of your skill or experience level, this game is going to offer you a challenge and that's really one of the things that makes this game so appealing.

Phage Wars 2 puts you in the role of 'labtech1' and you have been asked to create the most powerful virus ever created. Before you got your job, there were several species of virus already created and you need to defeat all of these species to win the game. You are working in Betz Biosystems which is what where some of the most powerful viruses in the world were created. Defeating all of the species is not going to be easy for that reason alone. Some of the viruses will be much easier to defeat than others. It will take time and patience to defeat some of the more difficult ones as well as fast reflexes and careful thinking. As you play, though, you will learn more about how to strengthen your virus and learn more about proteins that can be added to your virus to make it stronger. There are five genetic modifiers you can build on and enhance to make your virus stronger and more powerful; speed, strength, agility, defense and reproduction. Each of these modifiers plays a role in how strong and effective your virus is. Speed determines how fast your virus can move from cell to cell. Strength determines how much force your virus can exert when attacking a cell. Agility determines how fast your virus can move in and out of a cell. Defense determines how strong you virus is within a cell it has taken over when a foreign substance is introduced. Reproduction determines how fast your virus reproduces within a cell it has taken over. Together, these modifiers play a significant role in how powerful your virus will be.

Every test you do will give you valuable information about how your virus is performing and what areas of your virus need to be improved. In Phage Wars 2 all of your experiments are carried out in the 'Experimenter'. There are several different testing areas within the Experimenter; culture (light), culture (dark), photophillic, photophobic, cyanobacteria, plantae, metazoa (dead) and metazoa (live). In each of these testing areas, you will be given new cells to interact with and will be given the chance to see how your virus performs in different environments. You start with culture (light). Both culture settings are in a Petri dish but with culture (light) there is light present and culture (dark) there is no light present. In photophillic cancerous cells are added to the distilled water this testing area lies in. Photophobic is also in distilled water and there will also be cancerous cells in the water as well, but in photophobic there is no light present while there is light present in photophillic. In cyanobacteria, the testing area lies in contaminated water and there will be bacteria in the water along with the cells. In plantae, the testing area is among the roots of plants. There will also be bacteria in the water in this testing area, but it's a bit more difficult than cyanobacteria as cells can only live within small pockets of water around the roots. In metazoa (dead), your testing area is inside a dead area. You will only be able to interact with red or white blood cells in this testing environment. The same can be said for metazoa (live) except the testing area is in a live animal.

There are different types of cells you can interact with in Phage Wars 2; some of which will offer significant help in strengthening your viruses; generic cells, bacteria, cancerous cells, red blood cells and white blood cells. Generic cells don't really offer anything to your virus. They don't make it stronger, but they don't make it weaker either. It is the basic cell structure your virus needs to thrive. Bacteria makes your virus stronger. Cancerous cells boost your virus' reproduction ability. Red blood cells boost the speed of your virus and white blood cells make your virus stronger defensively. Take advantage of all of these different cell types to make your virus as strong as possible. It is important to become familiar with what the different cell types offer you for your virus so when you look at how effective your virus is and what areas you need to strengthen, you know what type of cells you need to get to accomplish that task.

Aside from the Experimenter, Phage Wars 2 also offers you the 'Sequencer' and the 'Analyzer'. The Sequencer stores any genetic modifiers you have researched. This is where you will use the modifiers to make your virus stronger. In the beginning, space within your virus genome is relatively limited, but as you progress in the game the area will grow giving you more room to use your modifiers. It's important to carefully place your proteins and modifiers within the genome. Take a little time to consider what placement will give you the strongest virus. It's really a matter of logic and looking at the information from your tests. Take all of that information and use your brain to figure out how to build the most powerful virus you can build. You can see the information from the tests you've run by checking the Analyzer. The Analyzer houses all of the data collected from your tests so you can see what is working and what isn't. Information is displayed in four sections; area stats, units, comparison and heat map. Area stats shows you a comparison of you unit production and the unit production of the other viruses. Units shows you the number of units you've have over the course of all of the tests you've run. Comparison displays the genetic differences between your virus and the viruses you need to defeat. The heat map shows you how much activity has taken place in each test. All of this information is important so make sure you look at it all.

The best way to get ahead in Phage Wars 2 is to pay attention to the information you are given and carefully look over the data from your tests. This is really the only way you're going to know what needs to be improved. Being defeated tells you there is something wrong with your virus, but looking at the data shows you what is wrong. Use the information to make modifications to your virus in the Sequencer. Choose where you place your modifiers in the genome carefully so they will offer the most benefit. This game is one of the most difficult strategy war games online simply because you really have to think carefully about how you build your virus and pay attention to what the data can teach you. This is a great game because it offers something for everyone regardless of skill or experience in the strategy war game genre. It's challenging but not impossible. The controls themselves are fairly simple even if actually playing the game can be a bit tricky. This is an excellent game any fan of online strategy war games should try at least once.