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Pirates of the Stupid Seas Instructions

Pirates of the Stupid Seas is controlled by using the mouse. Move the mouse to aim your shot. Click and hold the left mouse button to power your shot, then release to shoot.

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Pirates of the Stupid Seas is a humorous pirate game that puts you in the shoes (or pegs) of Captain James T. Stinkbeard. This war game features well-designed graphics, straightforward gameplay, and simple mouse-only controls.

The goal of Pirates of the Stupid Seas is to capture ships before they can reach the fortress. If you know a bit about historical naval battles during the age of Sail (or if you have played a few naval battles in Empire: Total War), then you will know that a ship's sails must be destroyed to slow it down. You are only given a limited number of cannonballs to accomplish this goal on each level, however, so you will have to make your shots count. On later levels of this war game, your enemies will have cannons to defend themselves, so you will have to make them surrender before they blow out your sails as well!

This war game uses mouse-only controls. Use the mouse to aim the trajectory of your cannons. Click and hold to power your shots. High-powered shots are useful for hitting distant targets, while low-powered shots work well for targets that are close to you. Release the mouse button to fire. This simple set of controls make this pirate game easy to play for gamers of all skill levels.

After you have completed the third mission of Pirates of the Stupid Seas, you will gain access to the pirate hideout. Here you can view any treasures that you have found and buy upgrades for your ship. Upgrades can be a bit expensive in this war game, so you may have to replay the earlier levels a few times to collect more money in order to purchase them. Upgrades are not necessary to beat the game, but they do make things easier.

Loot, plunder, and entertainment await in Pirates of the Stupid Seas! Fans of artillery games and casual game "lubbers" will enjoy this pirate game!