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Portal Wars Instructions

Move your chosen character with the arrow keys - a variety of attacks can be executed with the WASD keys. Among them, each character will have projectiles, defensive moves, and quick attacks. Choose your favorite game portal mascot in this all-out online war; arcade mode, versus mode, and training are all available.

Portal Wars Walkthrough

Portal Wars is the closest thing to Smash Bros. you'll find in a flash game. In each mode of play - arcade, versus, and training - you'll be able to choose one character from the following: a ninja based on Hidden Ninja Games, a knight based on Armor Games, a superhero based on Mindjolt games, a monkey representing Crazy Monkey Games, the tank mascot from Newgrounds, and an ant-type fighter based on Kongregate games. It's a character roster of every major flash game portal on the web, and each character has unique strengths and weaknesses (and special moves).

If you choose to play arcade mode, you'll go one-on-one with each mascot, even the one you selected, until you've conquered them all. Once you've completed arcade mode, you'll have an extra point to spend on the cheats menu - where you can unlock hidden features to use in versus mode. The stages you'll fight in are actually taken from the respective websites themselves - giving this flash game a meta-feel.

Training will show you how to perform all the attacks of your selected character, but to be honest; it's not that hard to kill off your opponent in this war game. Even spamming your favorite special move will defeat the last opponent in arcade mode, so you'll have to play fair if you want to have fun. One thing you'll especially want to look out for is falling off the stage - you'll lose a lot of health if you do, even though the game teleports you back to the fighting platform.

All in all, Portal Wars is a great idea for a flash game - even if the difficulty needs a little tweaking. If you love flash games, and the sites that host them (of course you do - everyone does!) then go ahead and represent your favorite in this all-out war game.