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Raft Wars Instructions

Aim with the mouse. Fire with the left mouse button. Select new ammo by clicking with the left mouse button.

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I nominate Raft Wars for the title of cutest war game ever to hit the internet. It's just plain adorable. It's also incredibly unique. In the world of online war games, it's often difficult to find something that really stands out and sets itself apart from the crowd, but this game definitely does just that. There is nothing typical about it. From the graphics to the music to the premise of the game, this one is totally different from everything else the genre has to offer and that alone is enough to make it incredibly appealing. When you add to that the fact that it's actually a fairly difficult game, you've got a winner all around. It is far from the most challenging war game online, but it is harder than a lot of them which makes the game as addictive as it is entertaining.

The basic premise of Raft Wars is pretty simple. You and your brother have treasure and you need to protect it. When you start out, you're on a raft facing off against pirates trying to steal your bounty. As you progress in the game, you begin to face new, tougher enemies that are attacking in greater numbers. Luckily, you're not only given the chance to upgrade your raft and buy new ammo between levels (rockets and grenades) but you're also able to see a preview of what you can expect in the next level. That allows you a bit of a chance to figure out the best way to take on those next enemies and also figure out what kind of ammo you should buy, if any. Remember, you don't have to buy new ammo just because the option is offered to you. Your tennis ball ammo is more than enough to get you through the first few levels of the game. Save your money for later in the game. You'll want to be able to buy more ammo if you get to a level when what you're given just isn't enough. Upgrading your raft as soon as you can, however, is a great idea. Upgrades make your rafts larger and more stable making it more difficult for your enemies to knock you off. Plus, the upgraded rafts look cool too.

One of the things that makes Raft Wars so difficult is you can't see your enemy when you're taking aim at them. The best way to get over this little hurdle is to pay careful attention to the preview as the level starts. The preview allows you to get a good look at where your enemies are position, how far apart they are and how far away from you they are. Use all that information to make an educated guess when you're aiming. Take note of the position of your gun when you take your shot and adjust your next shot depending on the outcome of the first. In addition to giving you information about the position of your enemies, the preview also shows you if there are any obstacles standing between you and your enemies. You need to take that in account when making your shot as well. Hippos are a pain, but if you're careful, you can also use them to your advantage. If you hit the hippo right, when they flip the ball, they can send it directly into your enemies. If those enemies are standing in a row, you can sometimes inflict damage on more than one enemy at once.

Because upgrades are so important in Raft Wars, so too are credits (or money). You earn credits for each level, but how many credits you earn depends on how well you do. You get credits for merely completing the level, but you also get bonuses for shots fired and time used. There is 'par' for each level. If you finish under par, you get a credit bonus. In addition, finishing the level quickly earns you more credits. To get the most credits, you need to finish quickly but you also need to be somewhat accurate. If you're careful and pay attention to what's happening on the screen, you should be able to do both of those things, even if it takes a little practice.

Overall, Raft Wars is the kind of war game that appeals to just about everyone. You don't have to be a fan or war games to love it but at the same time, it isn't so far from the genre that it will alienate war game fans. Although more experienced war game fans will probably find this one a bit on the easy side, they'll love the fact that they can do something different without abandoning the genre the love completely. The fun graphics make playing the game amusing which the difficulty level makes it incredibly addictive. While many will be tempted to skip this one because of the cutesy graphics, it would be a mistake. If you are a fan of war games, this is one you absolutely have to try.