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Raid Mission Instructions

Raid Mission is controlled by sing the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and to issue orders to your team.

Raid Mission Walkthrough

Raid Mission is a strategy game with some role-playing game elements. This war game features excellent graphics, amazing audio, great voice acting, and seven challenging missions, each with their own achievements.

Each of Raid Mission's seven stages has its own objective, so be sure to read the mission directives before playing each stage. Most stages consist of killing bad guys in an RPG-like manner. Each character has three bars: the red bar represents health, the blue bar represents the action timer, and the yellow bar represents special abilities. When the blue bar is full, characters can take actions. When the yellow bar is full, characters can execute a special ability.

Aside from its tactical aspect, Raid Mission has some role-playing elements as well. Each of the four characters has their own statistics and abilities. You may allocate points to different statistics as you earn experience in missions. I advise you to add points to your characters' lowest statistics, with vitality and accuracy being the most important. I like to use two speedy characters to move in close and two characters with high accuracy to keep the runners covered. You may use this tactic if you wish, or modify your team to your own liking in this war game. Stats are modified from the "Team Status" menu.

Each team member has their own role to play in Raid Mission. The role of a team member can be selected in the "Team Status" menu. Be sure to read the mission briefing before each level since it may contain clues that will help you assign roles to your team members. Every team member can be an Assaulter, the basic combat role, but other roles are specific to certain characters. Special roles require minimum statistics and special equipment, so make sure to meet these requirements before trying to assign a role.

Skills are important, but in this war game, tools can also help to make a soldier! The first mission is beatable without buying any extra gear, but by the second mission it becomes apparent that you will need better equipment. I advise buying at least basic chest protection for each of your soldiers, a grenade for each soldier, and at least one Desert Eagle for one of your teammates. The Desert Eagle (known as the "Deagle" by Counter-Strike players) is a very powerful pistol that can make short work of enemies.

Raid Mission is an addictive tactical game that will appeal to gamers that enjoy role-playing elements. Unique characters, voice acting, and a ton of different weapons and equipment make Raid Mission an A+ war game!