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Relic of War Instructions

Relic of War is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Click on unit icons to train them. Press the spacebar to switch between units and support powers. The arrow keys or WASD keys are used to scroll the map.

Relic of War Walkthrough

Relic of War is a war game taking place in a late 1940s Europe where World War Two didn't end. This strategy game features two campaigns, anime-inspired characters, and a variety of upgrades to keep your military in a state of combat effectiveness!

In Relic of War you can choose to conquer the world as the new Axis Fuhrer, or liberate it as the Allies. Although it may not sit well with some, I advise you to play the Axis campaign first since it happens first in the storyline of this war game and is less difficult in terms of gameplay. If you have an Armor Games account, you can log in to save your progress online. If you do not have an Armor Games account, your progress will still be saved locally, but you will have to play from the same computer and make sure that you do not delete stored data in order to be able to continue your game.

Relic of War plays like many other war game: your objective is to destroy the enemy base while defending your own. Units are trained by clicking on their respective icons, and they will automatically move towards the enemy base, engaging any enemy forces that they come across along the way. If you prefer to have direct control over your forces in this war game, you can uncheck the auto-move box in the lower-right of the interface. With auto-move turned off, you can select units by clicking and dragging boxes around them, then click on where you want them to move, similar to a real-time strategy game. If you are new to the game or more of a casual gamer, I advise you to leave auto-move turned on.

Medals are earned based on your performance on each level. These medals are used to upgrade your military and to unlock new units and support powers. I advise you to purchase upgrades to increase the damage dealt by your units and increase your money generation as soon as possible. Units also upgrade themselves as they gain experience in combat. Some units and upgrades can only be unlocked if you pay for them, but you can still beat this war game with the free items that are available.

Relic of War is an outstanding game that fans of war games will not want to pass up. Crush your enemies and rewrite history in this splendid strategy game!