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Renegade Commanders Instructions

Drag and click with your mouse to select a group of soldiers - that is, after you've built barracks. You change the rally point for new troops in the barracks submenu. Build more power plants to process resources faster, and make more money each time your process resources by having a higher percentage of controlled territory. To increase your territory, distribute your buildings far and wide - but make sure they're protected.

Renegade Commanders Walkthrough

Completely 3D, Renegade Commanders is a full scale RTS game with a lot of features you'd find in retail computer games. There's a skirmish mode you can choose to play if you don't want to follow the long campaign mode (which follows the story of two opposing forces) with a feat customizable features. With only three basic maps to choose from, though, there's a bit to be desired.

The gameplay you'll find in this war game is quite simple: make money, train troops, and destroy the enemy. You can increase the amount of money you make by having more territory, you can make money faster by having more power plants, and you can destroy the enemy with the barracks and war factories you build. So, it's obvious that the game is straightforward. While the graphics are great, the gameplay is simplistic.

But that doesn't mean it's not fun - Renegade Commanders is a fantastic war game to play if you don't want to purchase a retail RTS title. War factories, which produce vehicles and air troops, definitely quicken the pace of the game and add a dynamic to the game play. The sooner you start building tanks and airplanes, the sooner you'll have fun - so keep that in mind.

Overall, Renegade Commanders is enjoyable in the short run - with skirmish mode - and a lot of fun for the long haul with campaign mode. If you like RTS and war games, you'll enjoy Renegade Commanders - just remember to keep your base well guarded.