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Reprisal Instructions

Reprisal is controlled by using the mouse. Click on totem powers (in the lower left), totem columns (in the lower-right), or actions (in the upper-right) to select them, then click on the map to issue orders. The arrow keys are used to scroll the camera.

Reprisal Walkthrough

Reprisal is a war game similar to the classic game, Populous, developed by Bullfrog Productions. Reprisal features isometric sprites graphics, 8-bit audio, and simple mouse controls.

The goal of Reprisal is to complete various objectives on each mission. Objectives range from collecting items, to building your society, to destroying enemies. There are twenty islands to conquer in this war game. The initial levels provide tutorials to help you to master the game. It may be annoying not being able to skip the tutorials, but they are very helpful and the lessons therein will be useful throughout the course of the game.

Reprisal's controls may seem complex at first, but in reality, they are simple. Aside from using the arrow keys to scroll the map and pressing the spacebar to toggle the mode of a tool, the mouse controls all aspects of the game. There are three groups of buttons in this war game's interface: totem columns (in the lower-left) which categorize totems (found in the lower-right), which are in turn used to modify the island, and finally, actions (found in the upper-right) which issue orders to your people. Highlight your mouse over a button and a tooltip will appear giving a brief description of the power or action. Actions and powers are explained further in the tutorial and as new powers are acquired.

The key to success in Reprisal is to raise your civilization and increase the sizes of your settlements. The larger your settlements, the more powerful your people will be. To encourage larger settlements, it is best to flatten the ground around settlements that already exist by using the terraform tool. Ordering your people to focus on building settlements at the beginning of the level is also conducive to raising a larger, more powerful population.

If you have fond memories of the Populous series of civilization games, but don't want to dust off your old disks or download an emulator to run them, then Reprisal is a splendid alternative. If you have never heard of Populous, but are a fan of war games, then you will still enjoy Reprisal!