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Robot War Instructions

Take out enemy robots by aiming and shooting with your mouse - when you've gotten a gameover, hit the C key to continue. Take out bullets and projectiles before they hit you by shooting them; all the while trying to fight off the endless horde of robots, spiderbots, cannons, and UFOs.

Robot War Walkthrough

Robot War is a simplistic FPS war game - a linear one. Instead of running into the fray, the game moves for you, making enemies coming at you head on; you're moving along on a set path like a railshooter. This doesn't take away from the gameplay, but since the game has a 3D background with 2D enemies, the game has an old school DOOM feel to it. All in all, it makes the game feel nostalgic, since the gameplay is pretty old school itself.

You're given a limited amount of life, shown on the bottom of the screen, and once it's gone you're toast. You can only be damaged by projectiles and physical attacks, though, so if you can take them out while they're flying at you, you'll be fine. Green enemy robots are your most common enemy in this war game; they can appear anywhere. Aiming can be a bit difficult sometimes, since the game will zoom in on some areas for you, but as long as you're aiming steady, it shouldn't be a problem.

Next, be sure to look out for spiderbots and claw-robots - they'll run right up to you and damage you before you know it - so take them out first. Another thing you'll have to look out for while shooting is how fast and often you're shooting. If you have a slower computer, clicking spastically fast will cause the game to slow down; only fire accurate shots above all else.

All things considered, Robot War is a fun FPS war game that's nostalgic, difficult, but mainly fun - if you can keep the missiles and bombs from blowing up in your face. The game is fast paced, so try and keep up - and try to destroy the entire enemy army.