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Robotic Emergence Instructions

Select factory to build by choosing the factory from the 'buy factories' menu at the top left side of the screen and clicking the icon with the left mouse button. Build factories by choosing the area to begin construction with the mouse and clicking that area with the left mouse button. Scroll to the left or right by moving your cursor to the edge of the screen in the direction you would like to scroll.

Robotic Emergence Walkthrough

Robotic Emergence is an excellent online war game set in a post apocalyptic world ruled by robots. It all began in 2024 when the first robots were created and sold for human use in the household. Having reached it's peak population of twenty billion in 2020, sales of these incredibly popular robots reached fifty million in the first week. The inherent problem with such huge number was the pollution created by the factories struggling to keep up with demand. Soon pollution was at an all time high and the government was forced to act. The powers that be devised a plan to create artificial clouds out of various chemicals and send jets to release these chemical clouds over the cities of the world. What could possibly go wrong with that, right? Well, the world soon found out as it was gripped by a pandemic the likes of which the earth had never seen before. Millions of people died from this pandemic a day eventually leaving the population at less that seventy percent of what it had been. Pretty serious stuff. Plant and animal life began succumbing to these new environmental stresses and eventually the earth's food supply wasn't enough for the meager population that remained. Imagine the rage the survivors felt when they learned that the pandemic was no accident. The government hadn't created the chemical clouds to deal with pollution. The government had created the clouds as a way to control the population. That didn't sit well with the remaining population who began forming militias to overthrow the government. By the time the dust settled on World War 3, the governments of the world had fallen and the power was back in the people's hands. Sadly, the people only had power over what was essentially a sinking ship as the combination of still raging disease and a nearly completely depleated food supply took out the remaining population. The human race was extinct and the earth probably breathed a sigh of relief. Robots - unaffected by pollution and without the need for food - thrived in this post human world, soon building more robots and creating nations of their own. With numbers rising and robots prospering, greed and conflict followed. Soon World War 4 broke out with robots at the helm. This is where out game begins.

With an excellent story and challenging levels, Robotic Emergence is the kind of game experienced war game players are going to love. When you begin the first level, you are in one of the most war devistated areas of the earth, the aptly named Desolation Peak. This area is in high demand because the frequent thunderstorms offer high voltage lightening bolts which come robot factories can use to make power. Your goal is to build factories to create robots to take out the Robo-Gyptions' base. If you've never played this game before, it's a good idea to play through the tutorial as this one can be a bit more complicated than many of the other war games online that follow a similar format. When you place your first tower, you will need to place it where roads can attach to it. If you're not entirely sure if you can place your factory where you want to place it, give it a try. If you can't, try a new spot. Where you place your factory isn't really all that important in the beginning of the game, so you don't have to worry about it a whole lot. Instead, focus on building enough factories to create enough robots to take out your enemy and destroy the enemy base. Your robots will be produced automatically and will take out as many enemy robots as they can as they encounter them. If they make it to the enemy base, they will self destruct, inflicting damage on the enemy base. Your goal is pretty simple - destroy the enemy base. If you succeed, you progress to the next level.

In the beginning of Robotic Emergence, you really won't need that many factories to accomplish your goal. Each factory you build will cost you money and you only have a limited amount of money when you begin playing. If you build too many factories when you start out, you'll leave yourself strapped for cash later in the game when you need to build more advanced factories or build factories in greater numbers. Only build what you need to defend your base, defeat the enemy robots and take out their base. This allows you to adequately defend your base while also conserving money for later in the game. That's really the best way to do well in this game. Don't just try to build a huge army. Instead focus on building a strong army that serves your needs. Find the balance between building the factories you need and saving the money you'll need later. This is generally true of most war games so it shouldn't be hard for more experienced war game players to understand. The trickier part is making sense of the forecast information. Forecast information is shown at the top left of the screen in blue. Smoke factories produce robots slower when it's raining while metal robots can be destroyed by thunder. Use the information provided to you in the forecast to decide what kinds of factories to build to accommodate the weather that is approaching. Finally, you also have the 'HP' and 'EMP' buttons at the top left of the screen. Hitting the HP button will restore a portion of your wall's health making it stronger and more capable of defending your base. Hitting EMP will detonate a bomb that will destroy all of the robots. This is definitely a button that comes in handy during a tough battle but beware - your enemy can also use EMP to take out your robots. You can see how well you're doing against your opponent by checking the health of your base VS your enemy's base. Your health is shown at the top left of the battle field while your enemy's health is shown at the top right. If you're in bad shape, hit HP to top up your health and build another factory.

As with most war games, upgrades are important in Robotic Emergence. Once you've places a factory you can click on that factory to view its stats and purchase upgrades. You can upgrade a factory's health, shooting range, rate of fire, power, overall range and creation rate. Upgrading your factory's health will make it stronger and help replenish any damage it has taken during battle. Shooting range will allow your base to cover a greater distance when firing which rate of fire will allow it to fire shots more quickly. Upgrading the power will increase the amount of damage inflicted with each shot. Creation rate is an important upgrade - perhaps the most important upgrade in the game. It increases the rate at which new robots are created. Because you only have a limited amount of money at the onset of the game, focus on upgrading the things you need the most first such as creation rate, rate of fire and shooting range. The great thing about this game is that each time you defeat an army, you unlock the factory that created that army, allowing you to build new types of factories. New factories are great, but without upgrading them, you won't get passed some of the more difficult battles later in the game. Basic factories will get you through the beginning of the game but will do little for you later on allowing them to be quickly conquered and defeated.

Overall, Robotic Emergence is the kind of war game that will suck you in and keep you playing level after level. The battles start off fairly easy allowing newcomer to war games to get the hang of how the game is played. The only real problem is that more experienced players might find those early battles a bit too easy. Stick with it though. They get much more difficult as the game progresses. The real secret to doing well in this game is the upgrades. Focus on upgrades first and build additional factories second. One fully upgraded factory will serve you better than two or three basic ones. If you are a fan of war games, strategy games or just interesting games that offer a good back story, this is definitely a game you need to play.