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School Wars Instructions

School Wars is controlled by using the mouse. Click on a unit to select it, or click and drag a box around multiple units to select them. Click where you want the units to go to order them to move or to attack.

School Wars Walkthrough

School Wars is a real-time strategy game based on warring Japanese high school gangs. The game features simple graphics and sound effects, but can be quite addicting. Old-school gamers may find that the game sprites resemble isometric versions of the player character from the NES game, River City Ransom!

The objective of School Wars is to defeat all of your opponents and claim the entire board as your own. At the beginning of the game, you choose which team you want to play as based on color: black, green, yellow, or purple. Each team starts in its own corner, and must take over squares labeled with hearts or spades by squatting on them. Taking over these squares increases your units' health and strength, as well as increases your unit production speed in your home corner.

School Wars might have a simple objective, but it is easier said than done! The AI can be quite an annoyance in this war game, because they will continuously send units to squat on your squares. You will have to strategically divide your forces between conquering other squares, and defending your own turf. In order to get the upper hand and have more units to work with, it is essential to capture squares as soon as you can.

School Wars is a war game where greater numbers will win the day. There is no unit variety or special abilities for units, so you will have to use superior numbers to gang up on your foes. Try to engage your enemies with at least three-to-one numerical superiority. Simple attrition tactics are rewarded in this real-time strategy game.

School Wars is a simple real-time strategy game, but that does not take away from the fun experience that this game provides. Once you start playing, you will be surprised at just how addictive this war game can be.