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Semantic Wars Instructions

Use the 1-3 number keys to train a soldier, archer, or wizard - as long as you have enough money. To make money, solve hang-man type puzzles on the bottom of the screen using the A-Z keys. Incorrect letters will cost you, though, and if you don't have any money at all, incorrect letters will subtract directly from your health. You'll gain money for every correct letter you guess - but the main object of the game is to override the enemy castle.

Semantic Wars Walkthrough

Semantic Wars is unlike any other war game you've ever played. There is a fair amount of strategy involved, but there's also a puzzle element that you won't find anywhere else - you see, the main way to make money in Semantic Wars is to guess words, hang-man style. The more words you guess, the more money you'll make, and the more soldiers you'll be able to train to destroy your enemy with.

To help you out along the way, random power ups ranging from a few free letters to extra health will randomly drop from the sky - as long as it lands on one of your men, you'll get the power up. Soldiers are the cheapest to train, archers a little more expensive, and wizards cost the most to train. The more you train a certain class, the faster it will level up - and higher ranked fighters are much stronger than lower ranked fighters.

With three difficulties to choose from, Semantic Wars is a war game with plenty of replay value - once you've beaten it on easy, it's fun to try out the two harder difficulties. But there's one thing you have to look out for while playing - since the amount of money you can make greatly outweighs the amount of fighters you can train, training a litany of foot soldiers is no problem. However, if you send a bunch of weak troops towards the enemy base, they'll only jam up the game, and make it much more tedious - even boring.

Overall, Semantic Wars adds a unique twist to the war game genre that's never been thought of. It's easy to guess a ton of different letters when you're trying to guess the given word, but it's not wise. The more money you make, the stronger your troops; solve each puzzle as quickly as you can.