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Shadez Instructions

Build units, order strikes and purchase upgrades using the left mouse button. Cancel building by holding 'ctrl' and clicking the troop icon with the left mouse button. Scroll to the left or right of the screen using the arrow keys or by clicking the map with the left mouse button and dragging it.

Shadez Walkthrough

Shadez is an engrossing and entertaining war game in which you play the General leading a force of mercenaries. Your force has been hired by various government agencies around the world to fight in wars they don't want their names associated with. You are required to put your knowledge vast of strikes, hardware and the strategically smart deployment of troops to destroy the enemy forces you have been hired to attack. Because government agencies tend to have a long list of enemies, if you're successful in your attack, you'll be rehired for new wars and new missions all over the world.

The basic premise of Shadez, aside from the story that comes along with it, is more or less the same as the basic premise of most of the other war games online. You have a battlefield, a base and a bunch of enemies trying to destroy that base. Your goal is to prevent them from succeeding. If your base is destroyed, your game is over. You earn money as you destroy enemy units allowing you to build and upgrade units as well as order strikes. Money is important as is spending it wisely. Although the game seems complicated when you first begin playing, it really isn't all that difficult once you get used to what the game is asking of you and develop a good battle strategy.

The first step to doing well in Shadez is basically the same first step to doing well in any online war game. You need to figure out what everything on the screen means, what it does and how you use it. There is a lot of information on the screen in this game, but it's all pretty simple and easy to understand once you get used to it. You're probably not going to know the ideal times to use all the options presented to you when you first start playing but with a little experience, you'll get the hang of it. More experienced war game players have an advantage over beginners in this respect. The actual options aren't really all that different from most of the other games in the genre so having experience with these other games definitely helps. Beginners will be able to do well in the game as well, though. It just might take a little longer and take a lot more patience.

You start off in Shadez by choosing your level. This, in itself, can seem complicated because the options you're given don't really appear in the standard war game. The hills and valleys are different in each option, they vary in length and they vary in difficulty level. In truth, the only thing you really need to pay attention to when you're starting out is the level of difficulty. Don't let the rest of the details trip you up. When broken down to their most basic purpose, the four different levels are no different than the difficulty settings other games offer. You have the 'Easy' level, two 'Intermediate' levels and the 'Expert' level. Which one you choose will depend on what kind of challenge you're looking for. 'Expert' is extremely difficult. Newcomers should stick with 'Easy'. If you find it too simplistic, you can always play again on one of the intermediate levels. More experienced players may be tempted to start out on 'Expert' but I would recommend trying one of the 'Intermediate' levels first. Again, if it's too easy, you can always play again on 'Expert'.

Shadez offers three basic tabs you'll be using to control your game; 'Units', 'Strikes' and 'Upgrades'. It is tempting to buy a lot of stuff you don't need when you first start playing simply because you have the money, but that's definitely not the best way to play this game. You need to be careful with your money. It's fairly limited to begin with so you need to make the most of what you have, but you also want to be sure you have a strong reserve of money to build or upgrade units or order strikes if you find yourself overwhelmed. Having that supply is important because you only get money for taking out your enemies. If you don't have the resources to take out those enemies, you won't get any money to buy more resources. Protect yourself. Only buy what you need and use the money you save to strengthen your defenses when you need it.

The 'Units' tab in Shadez is pretty easy to understand. Building units is easy. Go to the 'Units' tab and click on the troop icon. This will begin training your troop. It takes a moment to train the troop, but once the troop is done training they will be sent into the war. It's important to remember that you need to have the appropriate amount of funds to cover the cost of the troops you are training, but if you have the funds available, you can train up to nine troops at any one time. The great thing about this game over many of the other war games online is that you can choose to cancel training troops if you decide you want to. This is especially useful if you decide your funds are too low and you'd rather save the money for something else or if you accidentally click the troop button too many times. Be careful with how many troops you deploy. Take advantage of the fact that you can scroll your screen and look at what it appears your enemy is attacking with. Base your defense on that. You don't want to train more troops than you need. You'll just be wasting money.

Strikes are another excellent addition to Shadez that you don't often find in online war games. They can be a bit expensive, but they can also deliver enough damage to make them worthwhile. Clicking on the 'Strike' tab will show you the options you have for strikes. Clicking on one of the strike icons will begin the activation of the strike. As with troops, it takes a moment for the strike to be ready to use. The most important thing to remember about using strikes is that different strikes are used in different ways. When you click on a strike, there will be instructions regarding how to use that particular strike shown at the bottom of the screen. Make sure you pay attention to that information. Otherwise, you could find yourself struggling to figure out what you're supposed to do which will just waste time. Once you get used to using those strikes, you should have little problem remembering how to use them the next time around. Again, experience is the greatest teacher here. Just make sure you allow yourself to learn.

The mini map is probably your biggest advantage in Shadez because it shows you where your units are and where the enemy units are. Use this information to plan your attack. This game is all about strategy. The only way to do well is to take everything into account. You need to focus on spending money versus saving money. You can only really effectively save money while adequately defending yourself if you know where the enemy is and how many units they are attacking with. You also need to make sure you upgrade your units and strikes. You do this by going to the 'Upgrades' tab and purchasing upgrades. Like strikes, upgrades tend to be expensive but they wil greatly increase the might of your army and make it much easier to get through the game. All of these things are vital to doing well in this game so none should be ignored.

Overall, Shadez is one of the most addictive war games online simply because it offers a real challenge. As you play, you'll learn more and more about the game and will be able to use the things you learn to perform better throughout. If you pay attention to what's going on on that mini map, upgrade your units and use strikes when you need them, you should be able to do well in this one. If you are a fan of online war games and are looking for a challenge, this is a game you simply can't pass up. If will hold your attention from the very beginning to the very end and will keep you coming back for more game after game. Try out the different skill levels and challenge yourself to do better each time. Regardless of skill or experience level, Shadez is an excellent war game everyone should play at least once.