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Shadez 2 Instructions

Locate your headquarters using 'h'. Select items using the left mouse button. Cancel an operation (such as building or selling) using 'esc'. Select all units of one specific type using 'ctrl' and the left mouse button or by double clicking with the left mouse button. Scroll the game screen using the arrow keys. Speed up the game using 'f'. Pause the game using 'p'. Zoom in or out using 'z'.

Shadez 2 Walkthrough

Shadez 2 takes the solid foundation build by the first game in the series and takes the series to a whole new level. This is, without a doubt, one of the most engrossing and fully featured war games online. Loaded with tons of extras, this game is what online war games are all about. It follows the same basic premise at its core. You are once again the general leading a mercenary force. You are once again hired to fight wars that your government official bosses won't touch. Once again, your missions take you around the world - fighting fights as a highly trained, highly skilled force of hired guns. The difference is that many of the nations you once attacked have been left in ruins with little ability to defend themselves. This made them ripe pickings for a new enemy that wants world domination. You are now hired to take out this enemy and leave them in ruins, securing a place for your army of mercenaries as the strongest force in the world. This is your goal - stop this new enemy before they destroy the world and life on earth as we know it is gone forever.

Shadez 2 is no easy game. If you found the first game too complicated this one is definitely going to be beyond you. There is a lot to this one, but that's really what makes it so appealing. This is a war game for fans of the war game genre who have grown tired of playing the same basic game expect with a different name and different graphics over and over again. This is a war game for people who love a challenge and love to be forced to really use their brains. It's a game of strategy and careful thinking. You need to plan your moves or you will almost certainly fail. If you're looking to put your skills to the test and tackle a game with a high degree of difficulty, this is the game for you.

You will access all of your missions in Shadez 2 from the 'World Map' screen. The world map can seem a little complex at first, but it's really not that hard to understand. The blue rectangles on the map that read 'threat' mark your new missions. Click on the markers to begin the mission. At the end of each mission, you will see new markers which represent new missions. Continue clicking on markers and completing missions to get through the game. Each time you complete a mission you are given experience points. These experience points are similar to upgrade points you would use in many of the other war games online. You can use your experience points to upgrade a unit, strike or structure. These upgrades strengthen the items you use them on and make them more efficient during battle. Every item that falls under one of the above mentioned categories can be upgraded up to six times. Make sure you use your experience points wisely. Focus on leveling up items that are of most use to you first before leveling up any secondary items. What you choose to upgrade will depend on where you feel your own personal strategy needs the most improvement.

Shadez 2 is all about two activities - killing and building. You are playing a war game, so the first activity is a given. It is the building that gives many players a little trouble. Most of the war games online don't require the kind of building involved in this game so it's going to be a bit difficult for both newcomers and advanced war game players to get the hang of. Begin by going to your headquarters. Click on your headquarters and choose the structure you want to build. The first item you will build in this game will be a power plant. A power plant is vital because it supplies power to every other structure or item you construct. A construction clock will appear and allow you to see the progress of your project. Once that clock as completed its cycle, you're ready to place the building you're just created. Once the item is placed, click the item again and it's ready to use. Not really all that complicated, right?

Once you have a power plant you're going to want to build an ore refinery. Building an ore refinery will give you the added bonus of an ore collector. Ore is important in this game. It is your money. You'll be using that money to build things, train troops and order strikes. Each item you create will subtract funds and you need to make sure that is replenished. You're also going to want to build a Communication Radar and Repair Bay. We'll talk about why in a moment or two. Again, it sounds complicated but it really isn't. It takes a little getting used to, a little thinking and a lot of patience, but all of these things are what makes the game so much more entertaining and addictive than most of the other war games online. Without all the extras, this game would just be more of the same and there's precious little fun in that.

In Shadez 2, your army is under your control. You can make it do all sorts of things, and this is really where many players just starting out with this game have the most trouble. This is not an option that you'll get with most of the other war games online. Instead of just clicking on an icon to train troops and deploy them into battle, you're actually able to control what they do. You can control an individual unit or the entire group depending on what will be most useful to you. To move units as a group, select them all and click where you would like them to move. They will move to that position. You can also command an entire group to attack a specific enemy by selecting the entire group and clicking on the enemy you want to attack. This can be especially useful if there is one particularly tough enemy you need to take out. Consider focusing most of your units on that enemy and then going after any secondary targets on the screen.

The game screen in Shadez 2 is also going to seem a little complex when you first begin playing, but once you've got a little experience under your belt you'll realize it really is no more complicated than most of the other war games online. There's just a little more information to take into consideration. It's actually laid out in a pretty easy to understand way once you realize what all of the information is and how you'll be using it. On the far left, you have the 'item detail' box. If you have selected an item, the basic information about that item will appear in the box. You can also hover over that box with your mouse to open up a shortcuts menu that offers easy access to any items you've constructed. To the immediate right of the information box is your 'Radar Map'. In order to get the most benefit possible out of this feature, you need to build a Communication Radar. It's well worth building because once it is built, your enemies, your units and your items will show up on the map. You can also click on the map to jump to that location on the larger game screen making for much easier navigation.

To the immediate right of your radar map you have your control panel. If you've built a repair bay (also well worth building) you can repair and sell items you've constructed using the 'repair' or 'sell' icons in the control panel. 'Info' will open the game guide in a new window. The guide can definitely help you out if you get stuck on any particular part of the game and need a little assistance figuring out what you should do. Newcomers and advanced war game players alike may find themselves needing to consult with this guide at various points throughout the game. You're also able to pause the game from the control panel but you can also speed up the game from the control panel as well. This is an excellent option sadly missing from many online war games. During long battles you may want to use this option to speed things up. It keeps the game from feeling boring or stale. Finally, you have the funds section of the control panel. You're able to see exactly how much money you have to spend on your units, structures and strikes. You can also purchase funds for this game should you feel so inclined by clicking the last icon in the control panel.

Although all of this sounds quite complex, you'll mostly be focusing on the battle screen and the Build Options panel in Shadez 2. The build options panel is very simple. You'll see all of the options you have for building not only your army but your base as well. Pay attention to the information in the information box for every item. This will help you figure out what you should build and when you should build it. The most important thing about the Build Options menu is remembering that different structures you construct will enable you to create different types of units. As with most of the other war games online, though, you need to be careful to not over spend. Just buy what you absolutely need. Later in the game, you'll be glad you conserved money when things start getting more difficult and you need to build new things in a hurry to keep from allowing enemy forces to overwhelm you.

The Power Meter needs to stay green. This is absolutely vital for making it through Shadez 2. If that power meter turns red, you do not have enough power and some of your items may not work. That isn't something you want to happen - especially if you find yourself needing the non-functioning item in a bad way. Power plants and nuclear power supply your items with power. Every structure you build needs power to run. Quite simply put, you need to make sure you have enough functioning power sources to supply everything you build to avoid running out of power.

Overall, Shadez 2 is one of the most incredibly detailed war games online that will challenge you to put your brain to the ultimate test. There are very few other war games online that can hold a candle to this one, including the original game in the series. We've only really scratched the surface here. I would highly recommend playing through the tutorial level in the game to get a little more information and even reading over the game guide. Jumping in with both feet and trying to figure out what to do simply doesn't work in a game this complex. This is not your average online war game. It's a lot more than that and that's why it's so addictive. Pull up a chair and give this game a try. Just make sure you have a little time to spend playing because once you start, you're not going to want to stop.