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As far as controls and interface go, Sieger has one of the simplest and most straightforward control schemes among flash-based and online war games. Heck! All you need to have is a mouse. Just know which part of the castle you need to hit to take it down, click on it, and VIOLA! If it hits and things go as planned, it's a one-hit kill. Just use your mouse and apply some 'smarts' and wits. You should be good to go. Now onto the game!

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War games - when it comes to providing doses of destruction, this genre is the KING! Who doesn't love destroying stuff because he can? I'm sure all of us have a 5-year old kid in us who just loves to toss that solid piece of rock to those piled-up cans for fun. BUT then, as old folks say, too much of a good thing is NOT good. However, I say: "There are times when you need to destroy with little restraint!" Fortunately, Sieger is one of those destroy-the-castle type of war games that gives you that perfect excuse for destroying anything that you see... to your heart's delight!

True, this game looks a lot like Crush The Castle, and they don't deny it. The creators themselves admit that they found inspiration from the mentioned game. HOWEVER, they are some minor nuances and differences that make Sieger stand on its own. For one thing, there's no need to time your throws and shots by pressing the left click button. It's ABC easy. Just hover your mouse over the section of the castle that you want to hit, press the left click button, and watch that castle tumble down and kill all of the people inside. Another thing that Sieger removes is that you don't play with a catapult. You play it in a first person perspective... facing the castle right in front, which allows you to hit where you want it to.

HOWEVER, for a challenge, there are some levels where you need to exercise restraint. There are stages where the castles have hostages inside of them. These hostages are distinguished by the exclamation point on top of their heads, as if they are saying: "No! No! Don't kill us. We are on your side!" Just like the other characters in the castle, they are very vulnerable. You won't be able to tell the difference if a ton of rock dropped on them or they were slightly nudged by a pebble. It's all the same: they will go down and bleed to death.

Sieger gives you 3 different types of missiles or projectiles. You can have an explosive projectile, which is very destructive as you can tell. You can do it the old-school way and just toss boulders. Or, last BUT not the least, you can drop a 'biological weapon' - a dead body that releases a poisonous gas that takes out everything within its radius or AOE. The latter projectile is NOT as destructive or explosive as the other two. BUT it can be just as deadly. There are levels where you only have a limited number of shots. HOWEVER, at all levels, try to keep your shots down to a minimum. Doing so will help you net the highest score as well as that nice and sparkling gold mark.