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Siegius Instructions

Mouse interacts with the soldier placement and siege weapon attacks, A and D keys move the camera.

Siegius Walkthrough

A war game that plays much like the Epic War series. You play as one of three factions, the Romans, who have a strong hand with defensive capabilities and siege weapons, the Gauls who attack with brute force, and the Boaretheus who are brutish boars with no specials, but far higher attack and defense than the other factions. Better yet, their units are free.

The object of Siegius is to send your units across the battlefield and kill the enemy, and smash down his castle gate, winning the battle. Easy enough to do.

The two main factions in the war game Siegius are the Romans and the Gauls. The Romans have their armored troops and plenty of siege methods to assist them in their campaign against the gauls. Foot soldiers, cavalry, centurions, and archers. The Gauls have superior attack power overall compared to the Romans, capping out at the Behemoth who can crush units in a few blows and take many of his own.

The Boaretheus campaign is not to be taken seriously at all and is more of a fourth-wall-breaking joke starring the developers of Siegius but still worth a play.

In battle, your options are limited to the troops you choose prior to the battle, and your siege weapon choices such as arrows or catapults. By clicking on a soldier, clicking anywhere on the lane between you and your enemy will have them advance towards the gate, killing everything in their way.

Placed soldiers do not stray from their lane. The red zone in front of them shows the range of their attack, and anything they come across until they start attacking the gate itself. This war game can be compared to Plants vs Zombies in this respect.

Your spells as the game calls them are a special attack such as smoke bombs or a catapult hurling a massive boulder at the enemies to drive them back. By clicking them you can see the range of attack. As a general rule, attacks that hit multiple times are more useful on larger enemies.

If that isn't enough to drive back the enemy, you can send your general out onto the battlefield for a limited him, who will run across the lane and slaughter everything that gets between him and his victory. This is risky however, as any damage the general takes, your base will take triple damage, and he shares his lifebar with the base. Use him but not recklessly.

You can't just spam troops in Siegius however, as troops require money to train, and they have a cooldown. The cooldown can be circumvented to an extent by picking multiple copies of the same troop prior to the battle, and gold is acquired both passively and by peasants who mine the gold ore outside of your castle.


If the enemy sends out the general, build as many troops in his way as possible and send your own general out to meet him. This coupled with siege weapons will allow you to drive him off and do major damage to his meter.

When picking upgrades for units, it's best to pick troop numbers over attack power, and attack power over health. Picking between Range and Attack Power however is simply a matter of preference.

The tutorial mission in Siegius gives mountains of advice, learn it, love it.