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Smileys War Instructions

Smileys War is controlled by using the keyboard and mouse. The number keys (1- 9) are used to switch weapons. The A and D keys move your character left and right, and the W key jumps. The E key displays the scoreboard. To quit the game, use the escape key. The mouse is used to aim and shoot.

Smileys War Walkthrough

Smileys War is a two-dimensional shooting game that pits you in a deathmatch against one or more computer-controlled enemies. The game features simplistic graphics, and is very simple on the surface, but the game contains a plethora of unlockable stages, content, and an incredible arsenal of deadly weapons!

Smileys War contains Arena Match, where you setup a match, and Challenges, where you must complete a given objective to earn experience points. Experience points may be used to unlock more stages to play on, as well as a variety of cool items to customize your character. This shooting game also contains a custom map editor so that you can battle it out on maps of your own creation.

Smileys War features three different game types: Deathmatch, where the objective is to be the first to reach a certain kill score, or have the highest kill score at the end of the time limit, Team Deathmatch, which is similar to Deathmatch but puts the player on a team rather than as a lone operative, and Rambo mode. Rambo mode is a unique game mode where one player is "Rambo", and may only use the explosive bow weapon. When this player is killed, the player that killed them becomes the new "Rambo". Only the "Rambo" can score in this game mode. Smileys War features twelve maps (excluding custom maps); three to begin with and nine more that must be unlocked.

Smileys War can be a difficult shooting game, since the AI is very tough. It isn't impossible to beat if you play smart, however. Try to collect every weapon that spawns in order to deny the AI the opportunity to collect it and to increase your ammunition stockpile. Explosive weapons can backfire on you, so be careful when using them in tight spots. Finally, although the shotgun is primarily a close-range weapon, it can still deal generous damage at longer ranges, and gives you a greater chance of scoring a hit against a highly-mobile enemy.

Smileys War is a highly-addicting shooting game with a lot to offer. If you're a fan of straightforward action games, then Smileys War is the perfect game for you! Try to unlock all of the content.