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Snipedown Instructions

Use the mouse to aim. Use the left mouse button to fire. Press '1' for mortar strike. Press '2' for artillery strike. Press '3' for air strike. Press '4' for big bomb.

Snipedown Walkthrough

Snipedown is a fast paced, high intensity base defense war game that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. The key difference between this game and other base defense war games online is the fact that you aren't only armed with an upgradable sniper rifle, but you're also armed with mortar strikes, artillery strikes, air strikes and even a big bomb. On top of all that, you have three turret spots you can use to buy and install turrets. You'll need all of these extra options as wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies approach. This isn't an easy game by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a lot of fun. The upgrades available to you are also an excellent way to strengthen your defenses and make the game last longer. The controls are easy to understand and not at all complicated to use so even someone who has little to no experience playing base defense war games should have no trouble figuring out how the game is played. Experienced players will love the steadily increasing level of difficulty the game presents and the opportunity to play with new upgrades and different style turrets. As the game progresses and new and more difficult enemies attack the game challenges you to keep up by upgrading your defenses as best you can in hopes of fighting the next wave of enemies off.

The game screen in Snipedown is pretty easy to understand. On the far right of the bottom of the screen you can see the health of your base. If you allow the health of your base to reach zero, your game is over. The great thing about this game that is fairly unique in the world of base defense war games is that the health of your base will regenerate over time. If you take on damage during battle, which you almost certainly will, that damage will begin to repair itself as time passes. Granted, you have to try to prevent the base from taking on more damage, but that's the real fun of the game. To the left of the health bar, you'll see your experience points. Experience points are what you will use to purchase upgrades. You get experience points for every enemy or enemy vehicle you take out. Take out bigger enemies for more points. To the left of experience points you'll see four buttons that represent your four special tools. All of these tools do something different. There's the mortar strike, the artillery strike, the air strike and the big bomb - each one coming in handy during a particularly tough battle. Use these special tools carefully though. They take a while to recharge. Don't depend on them to get you out of every tough situation you find your self in as they might not always be available. Make sure of your upgrades to have the best chance of making it though the game. To the left of your special tools, you have the options button. Click this if you want to change any options while you are playing the game. Finally, on the far left of the screen, we have the most important button in this game; the upgrades button.

Upgrades are absolutely, without question, a vital part of Snipedown. If you want to win, you need to upgrade. There are upgrades available for just about everything in the game; your base, your weapon and your special tools. Turrets are found on upgrade page and they are an absolute necessity if you want to survive the first few rounds. There will be times that your sniper rifle just isn't enough to take out the mass of attacking enemies and your special tools aren't always going to be available. In all honesty, sometimes even with your rifle and your special tools, you're going to need help defending your base. The turrets are there for that reason. You can only have three turrets at any given time, so if you have three turrets in place and you want to buy a newer, more powerful one, you will have to replace one of the others with it. It's usually a smart idea. These turrets can save your base. Don't rely on them completely though. Even with the best turrets, they can't defend the base on their own. Take out as many enemies as you can before the turrets even begin firing and let them handle what you can't take out on your own.

Later in the game, you're going to be facing off against massive tanks that are extremely difficult to destroy. Upgrade your turrets to the best ones you can get and then wait for the hordes of massive tanks to attack. Deal a fair amount of damage to each one, but don't worry if you can't take all of them out completely. If you focus on dealing damage to each of them, it won't be as difficult for your turrets to finish the job. If they are faced with four or five full strength tanks that haven't taken any damage at all, the turrets are going to be of little use. If those four or give tanks have taken significant damage, however, the turrets can deliver the final death blows while you focus on more tanks. There are six turrets in all, but you can get through the first few levels with the basic turrets. As the enemies get more difficult, you can upgrade them. You're going to want the most expensive, heavy hitting turret for the big tanks toward the end of the game though. You'll need to spend 2000 experience points to buy one but they're well worth it.

The upgrades for your weapon and your base in Snipedown are the same basic upgrades you'd expect to find in any base defense war game. The only real difference here is that while you are able to buy different upgrades for your weapon (increase the damage your weapon inflicts and increase the accuracy of your weapon) and your base (increase the rate at which repairs are done to your base and increase the durability of your base during attacks), you can also upgrade your special tools. There are two main upgrades for your tools; increase how long your tools are active and reduce the amount of time it takes your tools to recharge. There is also a very valuable upgrade that increases the damage done by all of your tools. I would recommend focusing on your weapon and base upgrades first alongside installing turrets as your special tools should only be used when you have no other choice.

Overall, Snipedown is a wildly addictive and engrossing base defense war game that will really keep you on your toes once the action gets going. For more experienced players, the beginning levels might be a bit too easy, but not easy enough that a skilled player will find it boring. Don't fear, though - once you get into the later levels and begin facing off against the more difficult opponents, you'll find the challenge you're looking for. Novice players will enjoy the game as well although they might find it a bit difficult to get through more than the first few levels. It's worth sticking it out though. Once you've played through the beginning a few times, you'll notice improvement and get a little further every time. Although you are able to pick up your campaign where you left off when your game is over, beginners may want to start over from the beginning. This will give you the chance to hone your shooting skills on the easier levels before you start taking on the tougher bad guys. This is definitely a game any fan of base defense war games should try at least once - just don't be surprised if you find yourself hooked!