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Squirt Man Instructions

Use the WASD keys to move Squirt Man; aim and shoot with your mouse and left mouse button. Double tap either direction key to activating boosting rockets - you can swap through your weapons with the Q and E keys. Or, if you don't like the key setup, you can customize them in the options menu.

Squirt Man Walkthrough

Squirt Man is an aptly named run n' gun war game set in a post-apocalyptic future. A nuclear apocalypse, to be specific; it's up to you to vanquish the world of any and all radioactive freaks. They'll come in many shapes and sizes - tree limbs, zombies, and monstrosities are just a few of the oncoming horde. Luckily enough, you'll be able to get bigger guns as the game goes on - so you won't have to use the pea-shooter you start out with.

The premise of each level is quite straightforward - kill all of the enemies in the level. There's a counter, so you'll know how close you are, and once a level has been completed, it's on to the next. As you kill radioactive enemies, you'll gain experience, and you'll enjoy some nice bonuses when you level up. Also, enemies will randomly drop energy and health bonuses - make sure you grab them - you'll need all you can get.

One of the downsides to Squirt Man, although there are few, is that every enemy seems to be a sharpshooter. Not only will every enemy in the level shoot at you all the time, but they'll be able to get a direct hit no matter what. This makes the game a little unbalanced, but it's more aggravating than anything else. As long as you're sneaky with Squirt Man, you can avoid this to an extent.

Overall, Squirt Man is a great post-apocalyptic war game. It's got a great theme - the artwork looks great, and all the enemies you'll encounter look great. If you're having trouble with the difficult, try taking each level a little bit slower - it'll help.