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Starship Wars Instructions

Move your ship with your mouse - click the left mouse button to shoot your weapon, and depending on what gun it is, you'll be able to auto-fire by holding down the left mouse button. Get cash for destroying enemy ships, and although running into an enemy destroys it, you won't gain any cash - so be careful in this war game.

Starship Wars Walkthrough

With an anime theme and classic arcade-shooter gameplay, Starship Wars is a flash game you'll immediately be able to pick up and play. The controls are easy to grasp - just use your mouse, and a few others to swap between weapons, and you're well on your way to saving the universe. The introduction level is incredibly short, and afterwards, you'll be taken back to your base. There, you'll be able to get briefed on your next mission by the captain, purchase new weapons for your ship, and train your pilot.

During levels, however, you'll be up against death in every round - enemies will come at you all at once, and those that stick around will try to shoot you until it's game over time - luckily, though, you're given a few lives, and when you die, you'll simply appear back at the bottom of the screen. Enemies you have to watch out for include enemies that hover towards the top of the screen, since they have more HP than others, and enemies that are cloaked - you'll barely be able to see them, and they're easy to run into.

Also, if you're too trigger-happy, you'll overheat your gun - and it's not something you want to do. Keep an eye on the heat bar on the bottom-left side of the screen, and if it comes close to overheating, lay off. When your gun overheats, you'll have to wait until the heat bar is fully charged before you can shoot again - and this goes for all of your weapons.

Overall, Starship Wars is a fun war game for anyone who likes a good arcade shooter - the levels are long, the upgrades are cool, and it's easy to make money if you're an accurate gunner. With an anime art style that most gamers will like, this is one game worth trying out.