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Stick War Instructions

Select units to train by clicking the unit icon with the left mouse button. Select units on the battle field by clicking the unit with the left mouse button. Deselect units by clicking again with the left mouse button. Control the movement of your unit using the arrow keys. Mine for gold using the 'space'. Aim and fire with the mouse and the left mouse button. Scroll to see more of the screen by moving your cursor to the side of the screen or by using the left or right arrow keys.

Stick War Walkthrough

Stick War is a wildly addictive incredibly entertaining war game that will challenge you to lead the last clan of free-thinking stick men to victory over their oppressive foes. Gain new powers, mine for resources, build mighty armies and topple your enemy in this intense fight for the freedom of your people. While the premise isn't terribly unique in the world of online war games and even the rules of the game are pretty standard fare, this game avoids the common trapping that typically befalls games in this genre - the dreaded familiar, stale feeling some experienced players find they get with most online war games. In a genre running low on new ideas, this game does things differently enough that it feels fresh and new even if, at its core, it really isn't.

Your goal in Stick War is to defeat your enemy in each new territory you invade. The actual goal changes from level to level so make sure you read the scroll you're shown before you begin battle to find out what you need to do to progress to the next level. For example, in the first level, you'll need to destroy your enemy's monument in order to win while also defending your monument from being destroyed. If you allow your monument to be destroyed, you will fail the mission. In the second level, though, your goal is simply to survive the day. In order to progress to the next level, you will need to hold back the enemy attack until the sunsets. If you succumb before the sun sets, you will fail the mission and not progress to the next level.

In Stick War, you need to keep an eye on your resources. That is really one of the most important things to remember in this game. To deploy new units to battle, you will need the resources to train them. That isn't terribly uncommon in war games, but what really sets this game apart from the other games in the genre is the fact that you need to mine for those resources yourself by training miners. Miners will mine for the resources you will need to train your soldiers so don't ignore their importance. Miners are great workers, but aren't really much for defending themselves so make sure you deploy enough units to not only protect your monument but also the miners.

When you first begin in Stick War you will only have your basic soldier units. As you progress though, you will unlock new unit types. For example, when you win the first battle, you will unlock the archer. The archer is an excellent soldier that will help melee soldiers such as your swordsmen by thinning out the attacking enemy army. They're excellent for long range attacks but offer little for close combat. The best way to use your archers to their full benefit is to release a wave of swordsmen or other melee soldiers first and then release a wave of archers. This gives the archers a little more protection and allows them to keep their distance while firing.

As with most online war games, upgrades are of vital importance in Stick War. On the upgrade screen, you'll see each different type of soldier you've unlocked as well as your miner and your castle. The upgrades are displayed by way of light blue boxes shown on the different characters. For example, the castle has three blue boxes which means there are three different types of upgrades for the castle; castle income, castle archers and castle hitpoints. Castle income increases the amount of income generated by the castle. Castle archers improves the arrows fired by the archers embedded in your castle and castle hitpoints increased castle hitpoints by one hundred percent. On the miner, there are two blue boxes; one that increases the miners' bag capacity and one that increases the pickaxe mining rate. The miners bag upgrade means the miner will be able to store more resources in their bag before it needs to be empties while the pickaxe upgrade means they mine greater amount of resources more quickly. The soldier unit upgrades vary by soldier type so as you unlock new soldiers, it's a good idea to see what upgrades they offer. In the beginning of the game, it's a good idea to focus on upgrading your castle and your miners. Greater resource production will mean you have more resources to build your army.

The best way to defeat all twenty castles in Stick War is to focus on upgrading your swordsmen, miners and castle first. While archers and bowmen are important, they're fairly strong and effective on their own. Swordsmen are inexpensive and once upgraded, fairly effective warriors. However, because you don't need a lot of resources to train them, you don't have to worry as much about losing them in battle. A few upgraded swordsmen can make all of the difference. Archers are great soldiers as well, but if you want to get the most out of them, send them into battle behind your upgraded swordsmen. Upgraded swordsmen will act as a protective barrier between your archers and your enemy soldiers while archers will thin the herd and make it easier for your swordsmen to defeat the attacking army. Giants are also extremely useful. They're tough, fast and inflict a lot of damage. They're also fairly expensive but if you've upgraded your miners and your castle, you should be able to get enough resources to send a few out each level.

Overall, Stick War is a fairly complex war game that will offer a decent challenge for any fan of online war games. While more experienced players might find the game a bit simple in the beginning, it gets much more difficult as the game progresses so stick with it. Newcomers, on the other hand, are probably going to have a fairly hard time getting the hang of this game from the start, but with practice and patience, even newcomers will be able to get to the end of the game. Focus on upgrades and planning a good battle strategy and you should do just fine. If you consider yourself a fan of war games - especially strategy war games - this is one you can't pass up.