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Subterfuge Instructions

Subterfuge is controlled by using the mouse. Click on units to select them, then click on a square to move them.

Subterfuge Walkthrough

Subterfuge is a turn-based strategy game that is similar to Stratego. This war game features simple controls, six unit types, and challenging gameplay.

The objective of Subterfuge is to defeat the enemy leader while protecting your leader from enemy units. The side that kills the opposing leader wins the game, regardless of how many other units or left on the board. Each side takes turns, moving one unit at a time, similar to Chess or Stratego. The difference is, you do not know what type of enemy units that you are dealing with until you battle them! This element of the unknown makes that game all the more challenging. Your progress is not saved in this war game, so you will have to start from the beginning each time that you play.

The six units featured in Subterfuge are Scouts, Mercenaries, Enforcers, Assassins, Bombs, and Leaders. Scouts can be viewed as the pawns of this war game. They are weak, but they reveal the type of the enemy units that they fight. They also have a long movement range, so they are useful for feint attacks and defusing Bombs. Mercenaries are the bread-and-butter units that are decent for attacking, but not exceptional. Enforcers are similar to Mercenaries, but are more powerful at the expense of having a lesser movement range; they can be likened to rooks and should be used to protect your leader. Assassins are poor defenders, but always win when attacking (except against Bombs); use them to take out enemy Enforcers. Bombs cannot attack, but they always win when they are attacked (except against Scouts). Finally, the leader can be likened to the king on a chess board; if the Leader is defeated, then the game is lost! Leaders can also "castle" in this strategy game by swapping positions with nearby friendly units.

Subterfuge puts you at a disadvantage as a human player since you do not know the types of units that your opponent is fielding. The developers did a great job making sure that the computer does not behave as if it knows exactly where your leader is, so this disadvantage is mitigated unlike in some strategy games. Using Scouts to reveal some of the enemy units is useful, but unfortunately, the unit type does not stay revealed. Using your memory and the process of elimination can help you weed out the enemy Leader and go in for a quick kill.

Subterfuge is a challenging war game where deductive reasoning is just as important as superior tactics. If you are a fan of Chess or Stratego, then give this strategy game a try!