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SwordFall: Kingdoms Instructions

SwordFall: Kingdoms is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Use the arrow keys to scroll the campaign map. The mouse is used to interact with the game's interface and to summon units.

SwordFall: Kingdoms Walkthrough

SwordFall: Kingdoms is a war game that plays like a smaller-scale version of Medieval: Total War. This strategy game features superb graphics, five nations, and four difficulty levels.

The objective of SwordFall: Kingdoms is to conquer territories and establish your kingdom in Western Europe. There are five nations to choose from: England, France, Germany, Spain, and the Moorish Kingdom. Each of these nations has their own special unit that they can recruit. If you are new to this war game, I advise you to play as either Germany or France due to their large number of starting territories and powerful units, or as England due to its easily defended starting position. You may also want to play on the easy difficulty level if this is your first time playing. You can save your campaign under the options menu, so you do not have to conquer all of Europe in one session.

SwordFall: Kingdoms is broken into two sections, similar to Total War games. The first section is the campaign map. From here, you can conquer lands, move armies, recruit units, and research new technologies. To move units, click on the army in one territory, click the move button in the lower-left corner of the screen, then click to the territory that you wish to move the army into. To attack, follow the same steps but click the attack button rather than the move button. I advise you to reinforce territories along your nation's borders and to research new units as soon as possible. Archers are a great addition to any army and should be researched first.

The second section in this strategy game is the combat section. Whenever you attack an enemy territory or your enemies attack you) you can choose to automatically resolve the battle or fight manually. If there is a chance of losing, I advise you to fight the battle manually. Click on unit icons then click on one of the arrow to deploy your units. Expensive units are more powerful, but take more morale to deploy. Your most powerful unit, the general, is deadly against enemy forces but can also help to boost the morale of nearby friendly soldiers. Be careful when deploying your general; if they are lost in battle, they will be hard to replace!

SwordFall: Kingdoms is an addictive strategy game that combines elements of Risk and Total War games. If you are a lover of war games, then you will certainly enjoy SwordFall: Kingdoms!