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Tank Destroyer Instructions

The control scheme of Tank Destroyer is anything BUT complicated. For basic movement, you need to use the arrow keys of your keyboard... or if you find that a little awkward, you can use the W, A, S, and D buttons which I'm more at ease with. For taking out those pesky enemy tanks, press the left click button of your mouse to fire away. Mines - they also come handy. Plant them at the right spots and taking out enemy tanks should be easier. To plant them, just hit the space bar button. Need to launch a rocket? No problem, the F button gets the job done in no time. And to go on auto pilot, just press the P button. Oh! And one last thing, the ESC and R button is for entering and pausing the game respectively.

Tank Destroyer Walkthrough

The objective of this war game - Tank Destroyer, is very straightforward: you need to drive your tank around the map and destroy all hostile forces you see. HOWEVER, you can't do it if you are going at it alone. You need to unlock and buy powerful upgrades to take your tank's firepower to the next level! In this tank / war game, there are 5 basic weapons at your disposal, 6 different achievements to shoot for, 22 ranks to climb up, and 4 special bonuses to find including mines and rockets.

The first time I played this game, I can't help BUT notice the resemblance of this game to Battle City. For those of you who don't know this game, it's a pixel style tank / war game during the Family / old-school Nintendo console days. It had quite a following, and that includes me. ? Just like this game, you are outnumbered. There's an army of enemy tanks out to get you. HOWEVER, unlike them, you have your wits and strategy to back you up. Also, instead of just guarding your base (which is the case in Battle City), you need to take the battle to the enemy by advancing courageously and destroying their stronghold. BUT don't get too cocky - if you get caught in the middle of a cross fire and unable to shake off the enemy, you will find your health bar dwindling down. Once it's out, it's game over for you!

BUT as I have said, you are not going into war empty handed. Aside from the basic weapons and tank you have, there are bonuses to collect in the game. For every enemy tank you take out, you are rewarded with a bonus or a power up. There are bonuses that let you repair your damaged tank and restore its health. Some beefs up your tanks armor. On the other hand, there are power ups that make your tank invulnerable for quite some time. Other bonuses include additional land mines, rockets, and other weapons that could cause massive devastation to the enemy tanks.

When things are going grim for you, when enemy tanks from left, right, and center are going for your throat, remember this: rockets are your best friends. You see, these explosives are available only to you... and even better, they deal A LOT of damage. As much as half of the enemy tank's life bar go down the drain when they are hit by the rocket. BUT keep in mind, your rockets are very limited. You will start the game with only two of them so use them only when the going gets tough.

Aside from the rockets, you also have land mines at your disposal. These land mines are best suited for planting on choke points where enemies will most likely pass. Also, you can lure enemy units and tanks to a spot where you have secretly installed your mines. Along with the 5 unlockable weapons, there are powerful upgrades that you can buy from the shop. Just press the R button to pause the game and enter the upgrade shop. Just make sure you have enough dough for the upgrade. ?

What I really like about this game is that it's simple BUT not boring. The combat system is easy... something that even a 12-year old could understand and the upgrades really take your tank's firepower to the next level. Graphics-wise, it's smooth and cartoony in a good way. The achievements, on the other hand, give the game good doses of replay value especially if you don't achieve all of them on the first try.

The only thing that weirded me out a little was the tank's movement system. You see, there's no visible difference between the front and the back of the tank so I ended up running backwards on the first couple of tries. While you will surely get used to it as you play more, having a compass-like movement system will surely make this game a tad better. Other than that and the repetitive music loops which I don't find thrilling at all, this simple tank game is GOOD and it's one that I would recommend to fans of the genre. Nothing fancy or complicated - just solid performance on all levels.

Coming at you with 6 different achievements to be earned PLUS 22 ranks to beef up your ego, this game will surely keep you busy for the hours to come.