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Tank Destroyer 2 Instructions

W and S move forwards and backwards, A and D turn, mouse aims and shoots, SPACE leaves the tank, F fires missiles or interacts.

Tank Destroyer 2 Walkthrough

Sequel to Tank Destroyer, this time you have a slew of missions to tackle, and at times, you will have to get out of the tank (gasp!) and get your hands dirty to do it.

The controls of Tank Destroyer can be tricky for some, as the controls work like the early Resident Evil games. A and D turn while W and S move or reverse respectively, but the turret is controlled purely by the mouse. The turret will point at whatever you aim at and will fire upon clicking.

Your enemies are turrets, tanks, and infantry, armed with missiles and machine guns that can make short work of you if you're not careful. Your tank is armed with whatever the top brass gives you, meaning rockets and a high-caliber weapon. Infantry can be a threat in large numbers, but a few bullets from any gun makes short work of them, tanks are mobile and more durable than soldiers, and are often a primary target for the mission. Turrets are stationary, but some of them pack full-blown rocket launchers that will obliterate your tank in seconds if you rush them.

If you press Space, you will leave the tank. This is required for some missions, and destroying things while out of the tank grants a significant bonus to your score and is also dangerous to pull off, as you are much slower than your tank and you have much less health obviously.

Between stages, you get a chance to upgrade the health of your tank, soldier, attack power, accuracy, and some other goodies to give yourself an edge.