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Tanks and towers Instructions

Select and deploy tanks using the mouse and the left mouse button. Move an entire unit of tanks by highlighting them using the mouse and the left mouse button and then clicking the area where you would live to move them. Scroll right on your map using 'a' or the right arrow key. Scroll left on your map using 'd' or the left arrow key.

Tanks and towers Walkthrough

Tanks and Towers is an excellent tower defense war game that charges you with the all important task of protecting your MCV from enemy attack while also trying to destroy your enemy's MCV. To do this, you need to build your army by using the money you have available to you to build and deploy tanks and towers to both defend and attack. The only way to stay alive and accomplish your goals in this addictive war game is to find the right balance of offence and defense while also keeping an eye on your money. If you have played map based tower defense war games before you should be fairly familiar with the rules. The only real difference between this game and many of the other games in the genre is that you are only able to place towers in the vicinity of your MCV as opposed to being able to place them anywhere on your map. The focus here is really on sending out the right tanks in the right volume to attack your opponent. Tanks help thin out the enemy army and can prevent the enemy tanks from getting too close to your MCV. Set up towers to help take out any enemy tanks that do get too close and you should have no problem doing well in this game.

The basic screen you are shown in Tanks and Towers is likely the hardest part of the game to get used to for newcomers to tower defense war games. There is a lot of information presented to you on this main game screen and that can be a lot to make sense on. Starting from the bottom right, we have the three icons you will use to control your ground units (the tanks). The shield icon will command your tanks to stay where they are. The yellow sword icon will put your tanks on alert so they will be more ready for enemy attack. The red double sword icon will command you tanks to attack. You will need to use all three of these icons at various points throughout the game, so make sure you take a moment to familiarize yourself with them. Moving to the bottom right of the actual game screen, we have two more icons and your current funds which is shown in blue. The money you have is important and you need to keep an eye on it. Don't blow all of your money on an unnecessarily heavy-handed army. You will need more money to defend yourself later in the game. Hold on to as much of it as your can while still making sure you are adequately protected. This isn't always easy, but it's necessary. The two icons - the red dollar sign and the white wrench - are also incredibly useful icons. You will click the red dollar sign to sell a tower. The white wrench will be used to make repairs on towers and tanks. Doing repairs will cost you money but it will also keep your army strong and ready to defend your MCV.

The panel that runs along the right side of your screen in Tanks and Towers, contains the most important aspects of the game - your tanks and your towers. First though, at the very top of the screen we have the menu button. You can click on the menu button to quit a level and try again if you're in trouble or to pause the game. Below that, we have the map. Your tanks and towers are shown on the map in blue. Your enemy's tanks and towers are shown in red. Keep an eye on the progress of the war via the mini map or by scrolling the game screen over to the enemy's side so you can watch the battle as it unfolds, releasing more tanks if necessary. Below the mini-map there are two buttons. The first button on the left opens the 'tank tab'. The tank tab shows you what kind of tanks you can buy. Hover your mouse over the different options shown to see that model's price, it's strengths and weaknesses and how long it will take for that tank to be completely. To deploy a tank, all you need to do is click on the model you want to build. At the very bottom of the right side of the screen, you will see the tank you've selected show up in the small black square that is right above the big black square. Before it, you'll see a green line that indicates how much longer it will be before that tank is deployed. You can queue multiple tanks to be built, but only one will be deployed at a time.

Overall, Tanks and Towers is an excellent tower defense war game that will challenge you to use your brain to plan the strongest line of defense. This is one of the best war games online simply because it offers so many excellent game play options. You can choose to play through the tutorial that will give you an idea of how to play the game if you're having a hard time picking it up on your own or if you are a newcomer to this sort of game and need a little guidance. You can also choose to play in Survival Mode where your only goal is to survive as long as possible, Missions Mode where you will be challenged to complete various missions that increase in difficulty or in TD Mode which is more like your more traditional tower defense war games. Regardless of what you are looking for in a war game, Tanks and Towers has something that will provide it. It's a great game that anyone can play regardless of experience or skill level that will keep you playing game after game.