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Tech Wars Instructions

Use your mouse to aim and fire - the 1-3 number keys or the Q and E keys swap through your weapons; use the WASD or arrow keys to move your ship. You'll gain money in accordance with your accuracy - so count every shot and make every shot count. In between rounds, you'll be able to upgrade weaponry, repair your ship, and purchase ammo before the next round starts. Play through all 8 arenas in this futuristic war game.

Tech Wars Walkthrough

Tech Wars, as it's simply called, is a war game that takes place in the future - where, apparently, it's hugely popular to have fights to the death (between ships) in arenas. You're a ship pilot, so it's up to you to try and survive through all 8 arenas - each one will have a set amount of enemy waves; the waves will increase as you progress through the arenas, but you'll also be able to purchase upgrades with the case you've earned from your fights.

Fights are simple - you're in a huge room with nodes where enemy turrets, ships, and mines will appear. Once a wave starts, they'll pop-up, and you'll have to destroy them as quickly - and accurately - as you can. To do so, you'll have a laser gun, a missile launcher, and a rocket launcher. Lasers are very accurate but don't offer a lot of damage; the missile launcher locks on to enemies but doesn't fly very far; and the rocket launch has both medium damage and range.

Depending on how much ammo you expend in an arena, you'll have to replenish your stockpile in between levels. With the rest of the cash you have, you can purchase weapon upgrades that range from increases in damage to holding limits - so try and make as much money as you can. Keep in mind that turrets won't fire at you unless you get to close to them, and that minions will hunt you down until you're destroyed.

All in all, Tech Wars is a war game with a simple premise, and it's simple, mindless fun. Like most other war games, enemies come in waves, but the difficulty that minions present is a welcome change - and, if the arenas didn't give enough of a challenge, go ahead and try out impossible mode if you're in a 'fight to your inevitable death' mood.