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Territory War Instructions

The control scheme of Territory War is very straightforward and easy to pick up. For the most part, you will use your keyboard. Controlling a stick figure is as easy as pressing the left and right directional keys. Jumping, on the other hand, is done by pressing the left click button. You will have multiple weapons at your disposal in this game. To pick one, just click it with your mouse and you are good to go. To use it, you need to make sure, first, that it has high chances of hitting. This is done by tweaking the angle and power of your shot. To increase the angle, press the up arrow key and, to do otherwise, just press the down directional key. Changing directions is done by pressing the left and right arrow keys. Once you are all done and ready to fire away, just hit the Space Bar button. Want to throw grenades or kill your enemies with round-house kicks? You can increase the power of your throw and kicks by holding down the Space Bar. Once you have achieved the desired power, release the button and get the job done. Now that we are done with the controls, let's take a closer look at this stick and war games hybrid.

Territory War Walkthrough

Fans of turn based war games and stick games, lovers of games like Worms and Gunbound, here's a treat: Territory War! For those of you who are experienced in war games and turn-based games, you will surely find the starting levels pretty easy... just enough for a beginner to get a hang of it. Later, however, things can get REALLY challenging even for an experienced turn-based and war games enthusiast.

Just how difficult could it get? Well, you can't just go ahead and whack your way to the later stages. Nah, you don't want to make that blunder. For your turn, you need to come up with a strategy. You need to know where to hit and how exactly to do it. Fail to do that and you will surely be toast before the fight even begins. It's not fun...well, unless your definition of fun is getting blown up turn after turn.

For beginners, I highly recommend that you check out how your enemies move, how they plan their attacks, and do the same. Imitation is one of the ways to learn how to do things right. And that's especially true in Territory war. Your enemies here DO KNOW what they are doing. The AI is competitive enough to give expert players a run for their money.

One valuable skill you cannot live without in Territory War is knowing which weapon to use for a certain situation. Here's an example: a bunch of opponents are cluttered up, it's like they are talking and planning how to take you down. If you use a weapon that has a wide radius and high damage output, you can quickly adjourn their 'meeting' and come out victorious. So what should you do? Which weapon should you pick? Simple - grab a grenade and make sure it lands right in the middle of them.

It's devastating and can take out more a good portion of the enemy squad when thrown the right way and in the right direction. And no gun in territory war can do that! HOWEVER, what if the enemies are close to you... just an inch away from you? Throw grenade? Sweet! That's a surefire way to go down in flames.

Rather, you should pick an attack or a weapon meant for close combat. Use the kick! Yes, in Territory War, your character can kick like Jacky Chan does. A couple of connecting and clear-hit kicks and your enemy should go down. Let me remind you though that the Kick should be your last resort. Shooting enemies is always a much more efficient killing move than pretending to be martial arts expert.

Simple? Hell yeah it is. BUT it's these simple things and straightforward thinking that can make a lot of difference. It could spell the difference between losing the battle or coming out unscathed. Now, there are a lot more weapons in Territory War, not just the kick and grenade. Guns of different shapes and sizes, weapons for mass destruction, and those are just to name a few. With that in mind, you should take your time to read which weapon does what. That should help you GREATLY in deciding what to pick and which ones to leave out.

If you are a HUGE fan of turn-based games, if seeing stick figures duke it out in the battlefield drives you giddy like a school girl, if war games keep your blood flowing, then Territory Wars is yours for the taking!