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Thanks Tanks - this war game is unique from the rest of the pack. For one thing, the control scheme of this tank / war game isn't like any other. Unlike other games from the genre where your tank is controlled with the keyboard (usually the cursor keys or W, A, S, and D buttons), the game is played entirely with the mouse. Your tank comes with 3 buttons: retreat, keep going, and take your stand. You will control your tank by clicking on these action buttons. Picking up coins, scrolling all the way to the other side of the game screen, etc. - these are just some of the other uses of the mouse. Anyway, enough of the control scheme of Thanks Tanks, let's have a closer look at the game.

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Design and build an army of tanks. You can bet that your enemy is going to do the same. You need to guide your tanks across the war-torn land, destroy every enemy unit in sight, establish dominion over fountains of youth, and capture enemy factories and mines... turning them into your very own tank-making machine. This is the world of Thanks Tanks. Personally, while I do get the Tanks part of the game, I can't figure out, for the life of me, what the 'Thanks' is all about. Anyway, this is one interesting and above-average war game that brings a lot of fresh stuff that, while NOT perfect, is sure to get you hooked.

The Game Play Of Thanks Tanks: I like the general idea as well as the game play - it's pretty sound on many levels. The only exception is the Death Valley Level. I'd say it's quite broken when the enemy toasts you with flamethrowers every 30 seconds. While I'm not someone to be distracted by minor stuff, I'm sure there are gamers out there who are nit-picky. First, the tanks in this game look nothing like tanks. Tanks are supposed to have treads. The tanks in Thanks Tanks don't. The physics, as well, is a little iffy. How iffy? Well, the tanks in this game flip, they roll down the hills when they are parked, and they fly half-way the screen when they are shot. The construction menu also gets in the way. And to top it all off, the music is depressing (except for the boss battle music). It feels like you have lost the war and you are desperately fighting a losing battle.

Now you might ask: "Why, on earth, are you recommending this game if you have A LOT of caveats?" The answer is pretty simple: the PROs outnumber and outweigh the CONs. Let's start off with the tank engineering system. It's just superb. The way it is designed allows you to adapt to the ever-changing situation in the battle field. So you need to move faster? No problem! Just add better wheels and you are good to go. What if the opposition is just too strong... preventing you from digger deep into their territory? Here's what to do: instead of buying brand-spanking new wheels, beef up the armor and weapons of your tank... and watch as they go head to head against the opposition. It's really fun. The challenge of figuring out the best way to approach the situation at hand is unique.

Another challenging part about this game is when you have a large army of tanks. It's all nice and well when you only have a couple at your disposal. You shouldn't have any trouble issuing commands and getting your tanks to go where you want them to. HOWEVER, once you have swarms of tanks, it's hard to manage which tanks should hold the line and which ones should fall back and refresh their health. One more thing that kept me jumping off of my seat is when a tank retreats on its own BUT often, it's not fast enough to avoid death later in the game. It would really be nice if the developer would add a quick tank select option or something that allows the units to be grouped together. The addition of an option for signaling and commanding everyone at the same time would also be very much appreciated... especially if you have A LOT of tanks ready for the offensive. Man, I can only imagine how impressive and overwhelming my attacks will be!

Summing things up, Thanks Tanks is an 'almost complete' game. Why only almost complete? While it is impressive on different levels and aspects, there are minor quibbles... minor caveats, which I mentioned above. They are small, yes, BUT when they come together, it leaves a feeling of an incomplete game... one that needs a little more polish. Once that is out of the way, I'm pretty sure Thanks Tanks will rock the world of online and flash-based war games. Give Thanks Tanks a shot and see what I am talking about.