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The Battle Instructions

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to choose army options. Fire at enemy soldiers with the weapon on your fortress by aiming with the mouse and firing with the left mouse button.

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The Battle is an excellent, engrossing strategy war game in which you need to build and train your army to defend your fortress and destroy your enemy's fortress. You have only limited money which is provided by the oil well situated just outside of your fortress. You need to protect this oil well or you will run out of money and lose the ability to defend your fortress. The real struggle of the game is to try to find a balance between building a strong army and reserving enough money to continue strengthening your army. The game starts off simple so you have the chance to get used to the controls of the game but increases in difficulty steadily so you don't have the chance to get bored with the game. The graphics are relatively simple but still entertaining; allowing the game to look nice without sacrificing the quality of the game play. This is one of the best strategy based war games because it challenges you to think carefully about your moves and plan out your attack while paying attention to how much money you have and how much money you need to advance in the game. Your opponent is always growing stronger. You need to make sure you are as well.

In The Battle, figuring out what army units have the greatest strengths in each area of game play is important. This is one of the biggest differences between this war game and the other war games online. Each type of soldier has its own strengths and weaknesses. The gunman soldiers are only good for land attacks and their defenses aren't that great. Bazooka Man soldiers are good for land, air and sea attacks and deliver significant damage to your enemies. The great thing about this game is that you can control individual soldiers or one particular unit and move them to wherever they would be most useful. To select a single soldier, simply click on it. To select a unit, click beside one of the soldiers in the unit and drag your mouse toward another soldier. You'll see a green box appear. Drag the edge of the box so the entire unit has been selected and release the mouse button. Click where you would like to station that unit and they will go there. This is a great way to protect your oil well. Use the stronger bazooka men for combat and use gunmen to defend your oil well. Just select a unit of gunmen and station them in front of your oil well. They'll help keep it protected. If your enemy takes out all of the gunmen you have stationed, create another unit and place them at your oil well again. Protecting your oil well is vital. If it is destroyed you will not be able to collect more money to build more units. Releasing a wave of bazooka men ahead of your gunmen will help keep your gunmen a little more protected as the bazooka men will help thin out your enemy's army before it can even reach your gunmen.

Research is an important part of The Battle, unlike many other strategy war games online. In this game, you aren't just asked to deploy units and decide where they will go, but you also need to do land, air, naval and weapons research to strengthen your attack. In order to build tanks you will need to do land research. Tanks are vital for attacking your enemy's base. Aircrafts such as helicopters are also an important part of this game. In order to build aircrafts you will need to do air research. Naval research allows you to buy ships and weapons research gives you access to upgraded weapons on your fortress. You can shoot at enemy tanks and soldiers using the weapon on your fortress so weapons upgrades are also important. All of these things are necessary to build the strongest army you can build. Doing research will cost you money and building tanks, helicopters, ships and using your fortress weapon will cost you money, so make sure you have amassed enough money to cover deploying troops in the meantime. Having the ability to build tanks and helicopters is great, but only if you actually have the money to build and send them out. This is especially important when you are using your fortress weapons. It's easy to get carried away with shooting your enemies with the weapon on your fortress, but this line of defense should only be used when your units aren't able to keep up with your enemy's attack. Your fortress weapon is great but shouldn't replace troops.

The controls of The Battle might take a little getting used to simply because there are so many things you need to pay attention to. There are a lot of options at the bottom of the screen you need to pay attention to. On the left side of the screen you'll see the options you have for building your army. Above that, there is a button you can click to see what options you have for your fortress weapon. On the right side of the screen you can see how much money you have as well as the buttons to do research. Hovering your mouse over any of the research, troop or weapon options will show you what that item does and how much it will cost. Pay attention to all of these factors to make the best possible decisions.

Overall, The Battle is an excellent strategy war game that will challenge you to use your brain to figure out how to build the strongest and most effective army possible. You need to think about every unit you create and figure out the best plan of attack. As your opponent's army grows stronger you need to make sure yours does as well. Don't come on too strong in the beginning of the game. This will only waste your money. Only use the force you need to use to defend your fortress and take out your enemy. Doing all of your research in the beginning will hurt you in the long run as you won't have the resources left to defend yourself. This is an excellent game for any fan of strategy war games regardless of skill or experience level. It isn't the most challenging war game online, but it is more than enough to provide a good solid challenge. This game is certainly worth playing. Just don't be surprised if you find yourself playing again and again.