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The Last Village Instructions

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to build and upgrade structures on your land, to place chiefs, to navigate through the map and to fight battles. In battle, use the left and right arrow keys or your mouse's cursor to scroll to the left and right of your screen.

The Last Village Walkthrough

The Last Village is one of the most intense and engrossing strategy war games online; challenging you to build the defenses you need to fight for your village while ensuring you produce enough resources to continue fighting. You have access to five different armies which you can train to help you defend your people, each of which is led by a commander that has special abilities the other commanders don't possess. Each turn last one day. You can see how many days you have managed to stay alive by looking at the top left side of the game screen. To the right of that, you will see your resources. Every structure you build will require you to spend resources. You have limited resources in the beginning of the game, so make sure you use them wisely. You need to ensure you have enough resources left to build what you'll need to generate more resources and set up a strong defense against invaders. By default, this panel shows only resources, but there are three buttons on the right side of the panel that will also allow you to see your weapons stats and your army stats. Make sure you keep an eye on all of this information; especially as you prepare for battle. It's very important that you know what's going on in your village.

On the right side of the screen from the top to the bottom, you'll see a large panel that offers some of the most important information in The Last Village. At the very top is your mini map. The mini map provides you with valuable information such as the condition of the buildings you have in your village, what types of structures you are able to build where, the position of your commanders and their troops and what direction enemies are attacking from. All of this information is necessary if you want to be successful in this game. Knowing what condition your buildings are in is important. If your buildings aren't in good shape they aren't defending you as well as they could be or not producing the most resources they could produce. If a building needs to be replaced, make sure you replace it. Every building you place is important. Make sure you don't allow any to go without repairs. Knowing where the commanders are is also important as it allows you to know at a glance whether or not they need to be moved to better defend your village.

When you click on your mini map in The Last Village, you'll get far more detailed information. Say you need to increase your food production so you want to build a barn or a farm. You are only allowed to build these structures in certain areas. Hover your mouse over each area and look toward the bottom of the map. This will tell you what structure is able to be built on the square of land you are considering. Look for one that allows either a barn or a farm and build there. Keep an eye on your resources though. If you aren't sure you have enough resources to build a particular structure, hover your mouse over it. This will tell you not only what resources you will need to build that structure but also what that structure does. Look at all of your options. Consider the resources needed to build each option and the benefits offered. If there is a better option than the structure you were planning to build, choose that one instead. To build the structure all you need to do is click on it. Some of the structures are also able to be upgraded, so this is something you want to take into consideration as well. If you have a good solid building that is less expensive resource wise but doesn't offer quite the productivity of another structure, see if there are any upgrade options. If there are, it might be a better idea to build the more basic structure and then upgrade it later.

As you progress in The Last Village, you will begin being attacked by enemy forces. Every time you are attacked, you will get a notification of the attack and be informed what direction the enemies are approaching from. You can view the threat and respond by moving a commander and his troops to block the enemy from entering the village. It's a good idea to use at least two commanders to defend yourself from attack most effectively. Chief Wambeeska cannot leave the town center so you will only be able to move the commanders. To move commanders click on the 'strategy' button at the bottom right of the screen. To select a commander to move, simply click on the image of the commander on the right side of the screen. If you want more information on the commander click on the 'info' button at the bottom left of the screen. Alternatively, you can just choose whichever commanders are closest or choose to move them all. After all, the more commanders in place at the site of the enemy attack the greater your chances of winning are. Once you've chosen the commander you want to move, the left side of the screen will show you where you are able to move that commander. Click on the position you would like the commander to take. You can do this for as many commanders as you would like to move. When you're satisfied with the positioning of your commanders, click 'execute move' and they will move into position. You will also find magical flowers and things of that nature throughout the game which can help you in a variety of ways. To collect flowers or other found objects, you'll need to send a commander to collect it. You'll do this the same way you would move a commander into position for battle. Only certain commanders can collect certain objects so if you're not sure which commander you should send, check the info on each one until you find the one you're looking for. Both in preparing battle and collecting objects, be sure you choose the right positions on your first try. You are only allowed to make one move each day although you are able to move multiple commanders in that one move.

When it comes time for battle in The Last Village, things get a little more difficult. If you've collected any magic flowers, you can use the potion made from these flowers to strengthen your army. In battle, you will need to scroll your screen to check out the landscape. This is important. You want to make sure you have a clear idea of exactly what you are facing. Along the bottom of the screen you'll see your options for building armies laid out on the left side. The armies available for you to build are shown in color. Build armies by clicking on the icon for that army. Once the army is built, click on the line in the landscape to place the army and block your enemy attackers from gaining access to your village. To the right of your armies, you'll see the basic resources you have available. Be careful not to drain your resources or you'll find yourself unable to build more armies and adequately defend yourself. Defense basically represents the health of your base. If that reaches zero, you have lost the battle. To the right of defense and food you'll see how many enemies you have left. Don't build more armies than you need to take out your enemy. This will only drain your resources faster and unnecessarily. After every battle won, your troops will steal the enemy's gold, adding the gold to your stocks. Below the number of troops left you have the 'retreat' button. Although you may not want to accept that you are fighting an unwinnable war, sometimes that's just the sad truth. It is better to retreat from a war you can't win than to suffer defeat. Retreating is a great way to save casualties and build a better counter attack.

Overall, The Last Village is one of the most engrossing and entertaining strategy war games online. It isn't an easy game. It isn't really a simple game, either. This war game challenges you to think hard about every move you make and challenges you to find the delicate balance between building and spending resources. You'll need to upgrade your defenses and make sure you build all of the structures you need to adequately defend your village while still making sure you are building the structures you need to create more resources. Each structure takes time to create resources. The last thing you want is to be facing a battle you're woefully unprepared for. Keep an eye on your resources as well as your defense stats and you should be able to do well in this game. This is a strategy war game that is heavy on the strategy. If you're just looking for a fun little way to kill some time and shoot some things while you do it, you might want to choose another game. If you're looking for a challenging game that's going to put your strategizing skills to the test, this is definitely the game for you.