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The Leon Wars Instructions

The Leon Wars is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to select units and issue orders. Double click on an army to view its unit placement. The space bar is used to deselect units and structures. Use the arrow keys to scroll the map.

The Leon Wars Walkthrough

The Leon Wars is a war game that follows the eponymous (fictional) war that began almost a century ago when the human King Roderick's son, Leon, was killed by the monstrous Draylocks. This strategy game features impressive graphics, epic music, and three difficulty levels.

You can choose to command the Humans or the Draylocks in The Leon Wars. Both sides have unique units and technology trees, but they are well-balanced with each other. Your general objective in this war game is to conquer territories. If a mission has specific objectives, they will be given at the start of the mission. You can save your progress in this strategy game by clicking the save button in the lower-left of the screen.

The mouse is the primary control device of The Leon Wars, but some keyboard controls are also employed. On the strategy map, you may select armies or structures by clicking on them or deselect them by pressing the spacebar. To move a selected army, double click on its destination. You may also double click on an army to view and modify its composition.

Combat in this war game is similar to that of a role-playing game. To attack, simply click on a unit's attack button and (if applicable) select a target. Units will not be able to attack again until their blue bars refills. This also applies to your enemies, so try to kill them before they can attack to avoid taking excessive damage.

Your armies will start out basic in The Leon Wars, but you will be able to diversify your units by researching new technologies. I advise you to research healing units and ranged units first. These units will greatly increase the power of your armies. Research takes time as well as gold and iron. Be sure to keep some resources for building armies, research is useful, but if you do not field armies to use your newly-acquired technology, it is worthless.

Will the Humans avenge the death of Leon, or will the Draylocks be victorious in their revolution? You decide in The Leon Wars!