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Treasure Of Cutlass Reef Instructions

Forward moves the ship ahead, left and right turn in the respective direction. Spacebar fires the cannons. V switches what side the cannons are fired from

Treasure Of Cutlass Reef Walkthrough

In Treasure of Cutlass Reef, you are the captain of an infamous pirate ship with black sails, and like all pirates you are regularly on the bad side of rival pirates or European armada.

The goal on Treasure of Cutlass Reef is to simply destroy all enemy ships and plunder their loot. Destroying a ship is easy, either get close to it and let your crew do the dirty work, or fire the cannons and blow some huge holes in the side of the boat.

Enemy ships can fire cannons as well and will do so at a long range, you don't need to worry too much about enemy cannons as your ship is incredibly durable and can take a huge beating until it sinks. Cannon to cannon warfare is the ideal way to go in this game.

If you are close to a ship, you will engage in melee combat with your crew against the enemy crew. This is effective but risky, as you will get a game over far faster in melee combat than you will fighting at range. If either Ship Integrity or crewmates hit zero, the game is over.

Between stages, you can improve your ship, crew amount, or cannons. As cannon warfare is king, upgrading your reload speed and power is the best choice, followed by the number of cannons and your crew number just in case you get caught up in ship to ship combat.


Treasure of Cutlass Reef is a simple enough action game, and the AI is equally simple. The best way to take large chunks out of a ship's HP is to stay on its horizontal plane and let the cannons fly.

Don't put any priority on destroying the ships. The rate they flow down the screen is so slow and the collection area is so high you have plenty of time to get them. No pressure.

Cannons are the way to go in Treasure of Cutlass Reef, avoid going toe to toe whenever you can.