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Vector Instructions

Control movement of your ship using the arrow keys. Aim your line of fire using the mouse. Drop a bomb to damage all enemies on the screen at once using 'b'. Pause the game by pressing 'p'.

Vector Walkthrough

Vector is an entertaining retro style shoot 'em up war game that feels an awful lot like Asteroids but more geometric and with better graphics. The premise of the game is simple and if you've ever played this type of shoot 'em up war game, the controls won't be that difficult for you to get the hang of. It can be difficult to control your ship, that that's really the fun of the game and part of what gives it that old style feel. It is quite a bit different from the typical war games you would find online, but that's what makes it such a treat to play. Experienced players of games in this genre are going to love the idea of playing something a little bit different. Of course, fans of Asteroids and retro-style arcade games are going to love it as well. This one really offers something for everyone. This is a difficult game, but even newcomers to war games should be able to handle it, at least int he beginning. As the novice player continues to play, they'll find improvement as well. The need to learn to control your ship to avoid enemies and shoot targets is a great way to get a feel for how much war games are played.

The basic premise of Vector is quite simple. You are the little aqua colored triangle. Everything else on the game screen is your enemy, aside from the power ups we'll talk about in a minute. Your goal is to destroy all of the enemies on the screen without getting destroyed yourself. Power ups, in general, stay in one place while enemies move around. A good rule of thumb to keep everything straight is this; if it moves, shoot it. That's really the best way to advance in the game. Shoot every moving shape on the screen as fast as you can and stay out of the way of the projectiles that fly off of it. At the top left side of your screen, you'll see your current health. You will lose health every time you collide with an enemy. If your health runs out, you lose a life. You start the game with three lives. There are 'free life' power ups but they don't come along very often so try not to rely on them.

There are different types of enemies you need to watch out for in Vector. Some of them have special abilities that can take your health faster, so take out those enemies first. If an enemy can shoot or shock you they are more of a threat than the enemies that are merely trying to run into you or drifting around on their own. It isn't easy to target one specific enemy, but the more you play the better you'll get at it. The most common enemy you'll see are asteroids. Astroids are large black shapes outlined in purple. When you destroy one, they break up into smaller pieces. To finish the level more quickly, take as many of the pieces out as you can as soon as they break off. Seekers, the green triangle enemies, hone in on your position and attack you. Take them out before they can reach you. They're fairly quick, but not impossible to hit. They're also fairly weak so you don't have to hit them as many times as the stronger enemies. Zappers, blue triangle figures made up of three smaller triangle figures are hard to hit, hard to kill and shoot energy bolts at you. When they appear on the screen, take them out as fast as you can. Snakes, a line of sideways pointing triangles, are a pain to deal with. You will need to hit a snake once for every triangle that makes up its body. If they hit you, you will lose health for every triangle that actually touched you. Take them out from a distance if you can. Pulsers, yellow triangles, emit pulse lines that you need to avoid. Strikers, white hexagons, are a formidable enemy. These enemies shoot missiles that can inflict serious damage on your. Avoid them and their missiles and take them out as fast as you can.

In addition to the different types of enemies you'll encounter along the way in Vector, there are also different types of power ups you can collect. Many of these power ups can help you make your game last much longer. Shoot red squares with an 'x' in the middle to reveal what power up it contains. As you progress in the game, power ups become harder to retrieve simply because of the number of enemies on the screen, but sometimes, getting a good power up is worth taking on a bit of damage. Bullet upgrades, circled in a gold colored dotted line, will upgrade your gun. Gun upgrades can help you take out enemies much more quickly. Most times, the upgrade will give you one extra bullet per upgrade. Shield power ups, circled in a light blue dotted line, will surround your ship with a shield that will protect you from enemies for a short time, allowing you to take out enemies without having to be as careful to avoid them. Just remember the shield doesn't last long. Don't get yourself into a spot you can't get out of. Energy power ups, circled in a red dotted line will provide you with energy and help you stand up to more enemy attacks. Points power ups, circled in a purple dotted line, will give you a point boost and help you get a higher score. Extra life power ups, circled in a green dotted line will give you an extra life. Side shot power ups, outlined in a gray colored dotted line, will equip your ship with the ability to shoot from the sides of your ship. This significantly improved the strength and quality of your ship's attack. Smart bomb power ups, outlined in a dark blue dotted line, will give you additional smart bombs. You can use smart bombs to inflict damage on every enemy on the screen by pressing 'b'.

Overall, Vector is an addictive and difficult shoot 'em up war game that will challenge you to control your ship and take out all of the enemy ships on the screen. Collect as many power ups as you can, take out the most dangerous enemies first can carefully guide your ship around other enemies to clear the screen and progress to the next level. This game definitely isn't easy, but with practice you'll be able to improve. As you progress in the game, things get much more challenging, but that's where the real fun lies. The great thing about this game is that anyone can play it regardless of their skill or experience level with war games. If you lose, start again and see if you can beat your high score. You'll have a blast with this one and it'll keep you coming back for more game after game.