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VK 1939 Instructions

To select a group of ground or air forces, drag and click your mouse over them - press the CTRL key while clicking to make them look a certain direction. To set a rally point, hit the R key while clicking on the map, and once you've commanded your troops where to go, hit either the ESC key or spacebar to deselect them.

VK 1939 Walkthrough

Having a WWII theme, VK 1939 is a war game with a host of special features - you'll gain experience points after you've completed a map; you'll be able to spend them on troop upgrades and new special features like night vision, and new vehicles like tanks. Each map will have required objectives and optional objectives - completing optional objectives, although difficult, will net you additional experience points.

You'll start out VK 1939 on a short tutorial level with only two kinds of troops - unless you unlocked any others at the beginning of the game. With a save and load feature, you'll be able to pick off any level you've just completed, so that's always a plus in lengthy campaign-type war games. As you complete levels, you'll rack up tons of experience points - and you can make certain troops much more powerful than others, effectively creating your own customized army.

There's a cash limit in the game though - it can be lifted by purchasing an upgrade, but if it isn't, you're wasting money by not purchasing new troops. Also, nighttime plays a huge role in the game as well - your troops will get damage bonuses, but it's almost impossible to see; since the game follows a day-to-day clock, you'll have to wait out some nights by only defending your home base.

To sum up VK 1939, just remember that it's all about destroying things, blowing enemies up, some upgrading, and then more destroying. With tons of levels to play through, and plenty of ways to customize your army, this is one war game you'll have to play more than once.