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Vortex Wars Instructions

Vortex Wars is controlled by using the mouse. Click on a region that you wish to attack from, then click on the region that you want to attack.

Vortex Wars Walkthrough

Vortex Wars is a war game that is similar to the classic board game, Risk. This strategy game features three modes of gameplay, a variety of races to play as, and online battles against other human players!

Before playing Vortex Wars, it is a good idea to create an account. If you have an account, your records will be saved and you will also have access to unlockable races, gaining experience, leveling up, bonuses, and more. It is possible to play as a guest, but you will be missing out on all of these features.

The three modes of gameplay available in Vortex Wars are Hardcore (HC), Attrition (Att), and One on One Quick (1v1q). In Hardcore Mode, when an attacker loses a battle, they lose all but one of their armies in the territory that they were attacking from while the defender loses nothing, but when the attacker wins, they will not lose any armies. Attrition Mode is similar to Hardcore Mode, but the winner of the battle may lose some armies. In One on One Quick Mode, armies fight against each other with their own individual dice rolls. The side that runs out of armies first loses the battle. Standard One on One mode is no longer featured in this war game due to the length of time it took to complete battles; One on One Quick Mode calculates all of the dice rolls instantly to save time.

Aside from its tutorial, Vortex Wars is a purely multiplayer strategy game. While it is fun to play against human players, human players are not always available, especially if you don't want to constantly be whipped by players with higher ranks (and thus, more upgrades and experience). The addition of a skirmish mode to allow players to practice against the computer would make this war game much more enjoyable.

Vortex Wars is essentially a modernized version of Risk that can be played against human players online. If you are a fan of Risk or turn-based strategy games, then Vortex Wars will be a pleasing gaming experience for you!