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War Machine Instructions

Move forward using the up arrow key. Move backwards using the down arrow key. Tilt your vehicle forward with the right arrow key. Tilt your vehicle backwards with the left arrow key. Change the direction of your vehicle with the 'enter' key.

War Machine Walkthrough

War Machine is an engrossing and entertaining driving war game that will keep your attention from level one right through to the end of level ten. Your goal is simply to drive your hummer from your base on the left side of the screen to your base on the right side of the screen, navigating over changing terrain, enemies and enemy vehicles and a wealth of other obstacles, without crashing. It sounds fairly simple, but it can be quite difficult. For the experienced war game player this one is going to be appealing because it breaks away from the standard 'point and shoot' format most war games follow. In truth, this is really more of a driving game than a way game, but regardless of what genre you put it in, one thing can be said for it - it's a whole lot of fun!

The basic premise of War Machine is the same as the premise you get with most war games online. You're at war and you need to defend your country. In this case, you're defending it with your hummer. You don't shoot anyone. You don't deploy troops. You don't build towers or drop bombs. Your weapon is your vehicle and it's a darn good weapon at that. You have to run over as many of your enemies as you can keeping in mind that enemies can be just about anywhere whether that's on the track you're driving on or a track up higher. You can get to the enemies on higher levels by ramping your hummer off hills or other obstacles to try to get it high enough to reach the higher platforms. There are enemies on rooftops that you need to watch out for. While you aren't taking any damage from them, you won't get the best score possible unless you take all of the enemies in all of the levels out. If you miss some, go back and try again before you reach your base. Once you reach your base you will move on to the next level and you won't have the chance to go back.

There are no weapons upgrades or vehicle upgrades in War Machine and that's quite appealing. This is one of the most simple, most basic war games online which in itself sets this game apart from its contemporaries. You don't need any of the extras. The game is enough fun on its own. The real challenge of the game is keeping your hummer rubber side down and with the obstacles you encounter and the general bounciness of your vehicle that isn't always easy. The best way to keep your vehicle under control is to use your right and left balance keys as often as you need them. They offer a great advantage and give you more control over how your vehicle moves. If you come up against an obstacle, large tanks are especially difficult, that has your vehicle nearly verticle, tilt your vehicle forward. This will help you correct the angle. Getting over tanks isn't as simple as just moving forward as you would to get over cars, vans and things of that nature. You're going to need to back up and get some decent speed when approaching the tank. There will almost always be a smaller vehicle in front of them. Hit the smaller vehicle going at a decent speed and you'll be propelled onto the tank. Use your balance keys to help correct your bounces and you'll be able to clear the tank and land with your wheels on the ground.

The greatest thing about War Machine is the addition of save points. The save points are scattered throughout the level so if you're almost at the end and you crash, you'll only have to start from your most recent save point. This saves you a lot of time and frustration. In many of the other war games online, failing a mission (which is basically what you'll do if you crash) means starting either from the beginning of the game or, at the very least, the beginning of the level. That isn't the case here. This means you won't lose all of the progress you've made in a level if you crash. This is especially beneficial on the tougher levels when you have a lot of hard obstacles to take on. If you struggle to beat a particularly difficult obstacle, manage to do it and reach a save point before you crash, you won't have to worry about taking on that obstacle you struggled so much with all over again. Save points also help prevent the game from becoming boring or stale. If there is an obstacle you can't quite seem to get over, you don't have to replay the entire level to try again. Instead, you'll start from your most recent save point and are able to tackle that challenge as many times as you need to without a lot of extra time spent replaying the parts of the game you don't need to play again.

Overall, War Machine is a great game for someone who loves war games but is tired of playing the same type of game over and over again. Anyone with any experience with driving games, however, is likely going to find this one a little on the easy side. That doesn't really take any fun away from the game though. If you're finding that you can get through all ten levels in this game without much trouble, challenge yourself to take out all of the enemies and miscellaneous items scattered throughout the levels. You'll get a lot more challenge out of the game and you'll have a lot more fun in the process. Someone who isn't used to driving games, however, will probably have a much harder time getting the hang of the game and will find more of a challenge when facing off against obstacles. If you're a war game fan that is looking for a new challenge, give this game a shot. If you haven't really played a game like this before, you're probably going to find it fairly difficult. Even if you don't, you'll still have a lot of fun.