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Warfare 1917 Instructions

Deploy units by clicking on unit icon with the left mouse button. View health status of troops by hovering over troops with the mouse. Select upgrades and view upgrade information using the mouse and the left mouse button.

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Warfare 1917 is an engrossing and addictive war game in which you're challenged to set up the strongest line of defense you can build to defend your country and defeat your enemy. You'll have access to various options for armor, infantry, and fire support which will allow you to force your enemies into submission through sheer brute strength or, alternatively, gain and maintain control of the ground. With two different campaign modes - British and German - and a Custom Battle mode, this game offers a little something for everyone. The basic premise of the game isn't really all that uncommon in the world of online war games, but it's really the little features offered here that make the game so much more appealing than much of the competition. While it might be a bit complicated for the new war game player who doesn't have much experience in the genre as of yet, in time, even the beginner can conquer the game. More experienced players are going to have a great time with this one and will appreciate the little touches that vastly improve the game playing experience.

The primary goal in Warfare 1917 is to win each battle you undertake. This is pretty standard in the war game genre. The different between this game and most of the other war games online is there are two ways you can win. The first way to win is to use your army's might to take over enemy ground. At the top of the game screen, you'll see a progress bar. This indicated how much land you've taken and also shows you how much ground remains between you and victory. Immediately below that is the morale bar. This bar shows you the morale of your men. If that bar falls too low, you run the risk of having your men surrender. The second way to win involves morale - specifically, going after the morale of your enemy's men. If you can get their morale low enough, your opponent will surrender and you'll win.

Managing the troops in your trenches is likely the most important part of Warfare 1917. Each trench can fit three squads who can be forced out into battle using the unit controls. If you're concerned about units entering the trench, you can lock that trench and prevent that from happening. Keep an eye on how many enemies are attacking, how many troops you have in your trench and the health of those troops. All of this information will help you develop your best battle strategy. Remember, gunners and snipers are weak in open air combat so try to get them into the trenches as quickly as possible. It's a good idea to put a unit of these troops in the trench first as they will help you thin out the attacking enemy army. This makes the enemy army easier to handle and puts your snipers and gunners to goof use. Deploy more units as soon as you notice your men are falling in battle. Leaving your trench only thinly guarded will allow your enemy to get closer and will make them much harder to fight off.

As with most of the other war games online, Warfare 1917 offers several bonuses and upgrades you can purchase to make your defense stronger and improve your chances of winning. As the game progresses these bonuses will become even more important to your success so you'll need to learn how to use them wisely. Each time you kill an enemy or win a battle, you will earn experience and upgrade points. Upgrade points are what you will use to purchase upgrades. Trenches, officers and upgrades are all vital to winning the game and will offer both offensive and defensive bonuses to your men; making them more effective during battle. When in the upgrade screen, you'll see how many upgrade points you have to spend displayed at the center of the bottom of the screen. Look over the options for upgrades you are able to purchase with those points and determine which one will be most useful to you. Upgrades are divided into two categories; 'infantry and armor' and 'fire support'. Look over your options in each category as upgrades in both are important for your success in battle. To view basic information about the upgrade and to find out how many points you need to purchase it, hover your mouse over the icon for the upgrade but don't click until you're sure you want to buy it.

The best way to do well in Warfare 1917 is to use all of the resources at your disposal to the fullest. Your squads are important, but without upgrades, they won't offer much help later in the game and will be easily defeated by enemy units. Without upgrades, you're going to have a hard time getting through the game, but try to buy upgrades wisely. Don't waste points on something you don't need. Focus on your immediate goals and the upgrades you need to achieve them. If you don't, you might leave yourself short for something you really need to get through a specific part of the game. Entrenched enemy troops also pose serious problems as it's hard to get at them with your units. To deal with entrenched troops, take advantage of the fire support weapons available to you. To use these weapons, you'll need to select them from the menu at the bottom of the screen, and then deploy them by clicking on one of the red targets on the battlefield.

Overall, Warfare 1917 is a complex and intriguing war game that any fan of online war game can enjoy playing. For newcomers, the game might take a little getting used to as it's a little more complicated than some of the other war games online, but nothing will help you improve faster than playing the game a few times. The game screen itself is pretty basic and easy to understand. You have your progress and morale bars at the top of the screen, your troop icons which you'll click to deploy squads on the bottom left of the screen and your fire support weapon icons on bottom right of the screen. Once you get all of that information sorted out, it's just a matter of planning a smart strategy. It might take a while to get the hand of it, but even beginners can do well in this game if they're willing to stick with the game for a while. If you're a fan of war games, this is one you simply cannot miss. It will keep you playing game after game.