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WarLight Instructions

WarLight is controlled by using the mouse, but some keyboard hotkeys are available. Use the mouse to issue commands and interact with the game's interface. The A and Q keys go to the previous and next phases respectively. The Z key commits your orders and ends the turn. The P and M keys zoom in and out respectively.

WarLight Walkthrough

WarLight is a turn-based strategy game with gameplay similar to the classic board game, Risk. This war game features six campaigns and allows players to create custom campaigns on a variety of maps.

The objective of WarLight is to conquer territories and crush your enemies. If all enemy territories are captured, then you will win the game; likewise, if your territories are overrun, you will lose. You can save your campaign at any time by clicking the save game button on the left side of the screen. Saved games can be continued by clicking the button labeled "Saved Games" on the main menu of this war game and choosing the game that you wish to resume.

Each turn of WarLight has three phases. In the first phase, you deploy armies to territories that you hold. Try to reinforce territories that are in danger of enemy attack or territories that you wish to launch attacks from. The second phase is the attack/transfer phase. In this phase, you can select territories from which to move armies and launch attacks. Click on the territory that you want to send armies from, then click on the territory that you wish to send the armies to. When launching attacks in this war game, it is best to attack with at least twice the number of units that the defending territory has. The final phase is the confirmation phase where you can look over your choices. Click the commit button, then click the watch turn button to execute your orders and begin your opponent's turn.

It should be noted that capturing entire continents rewards extra armies to deploy at the beginning of each turn. If you want to field massive armies in this strategy game, you should try to conquer continents before your opponent does. Conquer territories in enemy-held continents to disrupt their supply lines and prevent them from receiving reinforcements. Attrition tactics work well in this war game, so maintaining a large army while keeping your enemy's army small is the key to victory.

WarLight may be simple, but it is still an addictive and challenging war game. If you are a fan of Risk, you will be right at home on the battlefields of WarLight!