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Warlords: Heroes Instructions

W jumps, A and D move, S blocks, T attacks, Y kicks.

Warlords: Heroes Walkthrough

In Warlords: Heroes, three heroes are on their own quests, many of them aimed at revenge, these heroes each have to wade through many soldiers to reach their goals, and through many lands while honing their skills along the way.

Each of the characters in Warlords: Heroes have their own combat style and upsides. Ender for example has a spear that has decent range and speed, letting him get in multiple attacks easily making him the master of one on one combat. The prince has a sword that isn't very fast, but deals a huge amount of damage to what it does hit. The orc has the greatest reach of all with his heavy sword, but the slowest attack speed.

Enemies killed in Warlords: Heroes will drop a small quantity of gold, and clearing a stage will grant a little bit more as a bonus depending on the stage's difficulty, though not by an awful lot. Gold can be used to hire companions, improve your combat abilities, and buy equipment to improve your odds of survival. The stage doesn't end until you reach the end of it, so milk the enemies for all they're worth.