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Warzone Tower Defense Instructions

Build, upgrade, and strategically place towers with your mouse. Enemies don't follow a set path on the map - making the game entirely open ended, so you'll have to guide a path for enemy runners with your towers. The more effective your path, the quicker your enemies are destroyed.

Warzone Tower Defense Walkthrough

Warzone Tower Defense is just what it sounds like - a tower defense game. In it, you'll have six maps to choose from (twelve if you count ground-only versions). In each map, you'll come across unique challenges, advantages, and disadvantages; so it's up to you, the player, to solve them.

Your first and foremost problem is the enemy runner - these can range from everyday tanks to fast-moving jets. As long as you've got your towers adjusted accordingly, each map in this war game should be no problem - but it's not that simple. At the beginning of the game, when you're picking out which map to play on, you'll be able to choose an extra challenge. Some of these include quick cash mode, where you'll gain money much easier, to a mode where enemy movement doubled - and so is the amount of life you have. If you're bored with the game, or if you've already beaten it normally, they add a great twist.

Since enemy runners will increase in strength with each coming round, it's important to build more towers - but especially more important to upgrade your existing towers. In the long run, it's more expensive to upgrade what you've already built, but it's a lot more effective - and you'll wreak much more havoc on the enemy. This, combined with building your towers in an effective path will make the game a lot easier - but still plenty difficult.

While a lot of tower defense games like Warzone Tower Defense have the same features, they don't have the same unique modes, and they don't have the futuristic weaponry - and that's what makes this war game worth playing.