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Wingmen Instructions

Click on units to create them, hover over $ symbols to pick up money.

Wingmen Walkthrough

Dogfighting and aliens, what more do you want? Wingmen is a war game where aliens have invaded earth and the human race's job is to fight back and hard in order to save the world from the invaders. They have lasers and liquid nitrogen, you have missiles and EMP cannons.

The gameplay of Wingmen is much simpler than most war games. You have up to five planes to engage in dogfights with the aliens, you only begin with one but more are unlocked as are upgrades for your flying base as you progress automatically.

Because there are no manual upgrades in this game, Wingmen is based purely on your skill and choices. The planes are controlled automatically and the only manual control you have over the battle is the use of Shield and other special attacks, along with calling in planes.

Planes are called by clicking on their icon at the bottom of the screen. There is a cooldown between calls and they cost a good bit of money, but money is seldom an issue if there is a major dogfight going on so spend away.

The enemy has multiple plane types of their own, most of them far more powerful than yours, and cal also call down a large barrage of ice that will freeze your planes in mid-air for a time, and call up its own shields to gain an upper-hand against the push.

The battles are won by attacking the enemy ship and destroying its core, but your pilots will put a higher emphasis on destroying enemy planes near them. Other than rushing with sheer numbers, your shields will make them resist damage for a period of time and your EMP cannon will disable them from flying properly and shut down their weapon systems for a short period.

Even though you gain $3 every second or so, enemies drop $ symbols that you must mouseover to pick up. There is a significant delay between pickup and it being added to your funds, but it's the fastest way to get money.


EMP has a large delay and a large cooldown between uses. Aim it at where the chaos is and aim carefully.

The third craft that the aliens use can deal major damage to multiple targets, shut these down first.

Some stages can take a while of back and forth, so don't think you're doing something wrong if it feels you're not getting ahead.