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World Domination Instructions

World Domination is controlled by the mouse. Use your mouse to interact with the game's interface and make choices.

World Domination Walkthrough

World Domination is a war game that parodies the political climate of the early 2000s. This strategy game features ten leaders, each parodies of real world leaders from the time period, great graphics, and all-mouse controls. Religions, extra units, and other features are available in the full version of the war game, but this demo version is enough to keep most players entertained.

The objective of World Domination is to lead your island nation to victory against the four opposing countries. At the beginning of the game you must choose the four opposing leaders that you will play against. Some of the real-world inspirations for these characters, such as Kum Jing (Kim Jong Il) have died in recent years or have left office, such as G.W. Bash (George W. Bush). After you have chosen your opponents, you must choose a religion. Religion has no effect in this version of the strategy game, so simply pick one and prepare for battle!

World Domination is a turn-based strategy game. Actions span the course of one or more turns. You can choose to build weapons, send diplomats, broadcast propaganda, and more by clicking on the appropriate switches on the interface. Once you have made your decision, press the red button at the bottom of the screen to end your turn. Your rival nations will execute their actions, and your forces will also go to work.

Your first moves as a leader should be to build defensive measures to protect your country. Put your citizens in the factories by clicking the switch labeled "Weapons" to build munitions and countermeasures. If you see an enemy nation prepping a warhead or aircraft, then you should deploy the appropriate defense, especially if your friendship rating with that country is below thirty. Anti-spy measures are automatically deployed each turn that they are available. Keep a few nukes in your arsenal just in case you have to make a quick retaliation against your foes!

Word Domination is a war game that focuses on the upper-echelons of political relations rather than the battlefield. Those of you that have been following the political climate of the world since the early 2000s may find this war game somewhat humorous.